Change your language for each app: How Android 13’s language settings function

With Android 13, you can now change the language that each app uses individually. With the new per-app language setting, you can choose which apps display content in various languages based solely on your requirements. You can follow the instructions in this article to change the language for each app in Android 13.

There is a language hierarchy in Android 13. Unless otherwise specified, the default language that is selected while configuring the device will be used by all apps. You can choose specific apps and override your phone’s system default language for each one if necessary.

Here’s how to change a specific app’s language on Android 13:

Swipe down twice from the homescreen of your Android 13 device until you see the settings cog at the bottom, then tap it to access settings. Tap it. Select System by tapping it. Press Languages and input. Select App languages. Find the apps you wish to change the language for by scrolling through them. Once located, select your new language by tapping the app.

There aren’t many apps available right now that support languages different than the system default; I’d estimate about 20% of the apps on my device have this option.

It’s possible that you won’t notice the change straight away after selecting a different language for an app. Once the language was changed, I had to restart my device before I could see any changes in an app. Following that, your app should display a language change.

The language transition doesn’t seem to be well received by all programs, including Google Chrome for Android, but that could just be a problem that needs to be fixed. With this new feature of Android 13, more apps will probably start supporting language change over time.

HOW COME I WOULD WANT TO CHANGE LANGUAGES PER APP? There are numerous use cases where having some programs available in multiple languages is useful because many users are bilingual. For instance, you might be fluent in both French and English, with French being your mother tongue. You may have made English the system default language on your device. Most apps can benefit from this, albeit some, like financial ones, would be far better suited to French due to its comfort level.

You can also be attempting to learn a new language. You can visit certain apps for sessions while maintaining your native language as the default system-wide language by changing the app’s language. This would encourage you to utilize the language to browse the app and help you become more immersed in it.

As previously said, there are many applications for this functionality, and it appears to have been in demand for some time. Regardless of your situation, employing this tool will let you customize your experience to suit you the best, regardless of the language or combination of languages.

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