CEO: Xiaomi approached Leica, not the other way around.

Leica appears to have approached Xiaomi first for their new collaboration rather than the other way around. According to GizmoChina and the CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Jun , this information.

According to reports, Lei Jun revealed the information in a video in which he responded to several frequently asked questions (FAQ). I assume that this video is in Chinese because the source hasn’t released it.

LEI JUN EXPLAINS THAT LEICA PROCEEDED TO APPROACH XIAOMI, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. He further stated, “I think we are quite proud and thank them for their appreciation of Xiaomi,” in reference to the Leica cooperation. Lei Jun is of the opinion that Leica can assist Xiaomi in further enhancing its imaging and photography capabilities.

Advertisement But that wasn’t all he disclosed. Lei Jun also discussed DxOMark. He affirmed that no such testing will be done on the future Xiaomi 12S series. These ratings appear to be rather pricey, thus Xiaomi made the decision to completely forego them.

User reactions can be another factor. Users have been criticizing DxOMark’s most recent ranking of the best smartphone cameras for some time, so it may also have had an impact on Xiaomi’s choice.

ON JULY 4, THE XIAOMI 12S SERIES WILL BE RELEASED. Reminder: On July 4th, Xiaomi will release its 12S series. It’s anticipated that Xiaomi will introduce the 12S, 12S Pro, and 12S Ultra. The most enticing camera arrangement will be provided by the Ultra model, but all three will have Leica lenses. These will be the initial smartphones produced by Xiaomi in conjunction with Leica.

Advertisement All three of these phones will probably run on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, and they’ll all start off in China. But those three phones are anticipated to reach international markets as well.

Instead of the expected Xiaomi 12 Ultra, it appears that the Xiaomi 12S Ultra will debut. It appears like Xiaomi just changed the product’s branding.

Although we don’t yet have a lot of information about the gadgets, you can anticipate them to feature extremely powerful specifications. For the second part of the year and until the Xiaomi 13 series is released, these will essentially take the place of Xiaomi’s flagship models.


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