Broadband: Amazon Luna releases its July lineup, and Samsung Gaming Hub goes live

Finally, it has happened! Cloud gaming is gaining popularity and reaching more consumers, particularly those who own a Samsung TV. The Xbox and GeForce Now apps were included in the Samsung TV Gaming Hub’s introduction this past week. The July lineup is also made public by Amazon Luna, and it includes some fairly enticing titles.

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AMAZON LUNA SHOWCASES JULY EVENTS Amazon With only a few games available across its many channels, Luna may be one of the newest participants. Luna only recently made a number of titles available on the Prime Channel, such as Moving Out and Far Cry 4. Overall, Luna is performing well thus far.

Games are being released by Amazon Luna for each of its four channels in July. First, a really exciting title will be coming to the Luna Channel, especially for those of us who played with Hot Wheels automobiles as children. A contemporary racing game, Hot Wheels Unleashed is situated in the Hot Wheels universe. Who could not love that?

There will be two new games added to the Retro Channel’s classic section. A reboot of Earthworm Jim and Earthworm Jim 2 will be available on Amazon Luna. Worms Crazy Golf, which is more entertaining for all ages, will be available on The Family Channel.

As usual, the Prime Channel will receive a few games. Here is a list:

SakteBIRD Castlevania Anniversary Collection Mega Man 11 Overcooked! There are currently no release dates, even though Amazon Luna typically announces them every month. Within the next week or so, we anticipate hearing additional details about these July releases from Amazon Luna.

XBOX AND GEFORCE NOW PARTNER WITH SAMSUNG GAMING HUB FOR LAUNCH The official debut of the Samsung Gaming Hub on a few Samsung smart TVs is an interesting development this week. Given that it has GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming, two of the most popular game streaming services, this hub places a significant emphasis on cloud gaming. Stadia even has a place in the list of apps, in addition.

Xbox Game Pass for Samsung Smart TVs

The Samsung TV Gaming Hub is reportedly available in the US, UK, Brazil, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, and Spain, according to GeForce Now. Xbox, though, boasts that Samsung TVs are available in 27 different nations. This is due to the fact that even if the Samsung Gaming Hub isn’t available, you can still download the Xbox app and stream your favorite games through it.

SHIELD NOW FEATURES A LOW-LATENCY MODE FROM GEFORCE, NEW GAMES With version 9.1, the NVIDIA SHIELD will receive a new benefit that will automatically convert to low-latency mode for enhanced gaming performance. These options are activated when you start a game in order to improve controller sensitivity and game performance. The SHIELD will automatically switch back to viewing TV after your session is done.

A couple additional games have also been introduced to GeForce Now this week:
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