Broadband: Amazon Assassins Creed Odyssey is added to Xbox Game Pass, and Luna chooses Lumote.

With no connections or cords attached, cloud gaming is all about picking up an adventure and diving right in. One of the games that allows you to do that is Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles, which is now becoming available on Amazon Luna along with a few other titles. Additionally, GeForce Now has expanded its library with a few well-known games.

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Google’s weekly examination of the cloud gaming industry outside of its own Stadia platform We look at the main news every Friday for services like Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Now, Amazon Luna, and Nvidia GeForce Now, among others. Check out Stadia Changelog, our weekly overview of everything new on Stadia, when you return each week.

LUMOTE AND OTHER TITLES ARE ADDED TO AMAZON LUNA Amazon Luna has been adding a sizable number of games to the expanding library of playable titles across its various gaming channels. Two new games have been added to the Luna Channel.

The first is Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles, a really vibrant platformer. You must navigate a bioluminescent underwater environment filled with Motes in this adventure. In order to overthrow the Mastermote, who governs those vast depths, you must solve puzzles.

Lumote: Amazon Luna currently has The Mastermote Chronicles in stock. Thymesia is also traveling to the cloud with Luna. In the fighter-style adventure game Thymesia, your goal is to save your kingdom no matter how chaotic it may be.

ASSASSINS CREED ODYSSEY IS AVAILABLE ON XBOX GAME PASS IN THE CLOUD We simply cannot go another week without learning more about Assassins Creed. Although there have been some issues with the series’ cloud availability on various platforms, it appears that Xbox Game Pass is still committed to adding it to its service. Although the following advertisement isn’t quite as moving as Lumote on Amazon Luna, it still makes a strong case for cloud gaming.

Assassins Creed Odyssey is now playable on PC and the cloud as of this week. In this version, you are immersed in ancient Greece, where you must struggle to survive and carry on your legacy. One of the most recent Assassins Creed games is Odyssey, and Mirage will be released soon.

xbox assassin's creed odyssey lumote amazon luna

NEW GAMES AND DLC ARE NOW ADDED BY GEFORCE A normal week wouldn’t exist if GeForce Now didn’t add support for at least a couple games. Isonzo is one of the new games added by GeForce Now this week to its repertoire. A first-person shooter called Isonzo offers historical WWI accuracy and authentic southern Italian settings.

Additionally, the most recent DLC for Jurassic Park Evolution 2 is being uploaded to the cloud. Four new species are included in the Late Cretaceous Pack DLC, including the biggest species yet found.

The complete list of upcoming GeForce Now games is provided below:

Isonzo Steam , Epic Games Store , Steam , Epic Games Store , Steam , Steam , #NewonLuna 0, #NewonLuna 1, and #NewonLuna 2) SHOULD YOU MISS IT Something we missed from Boosteroid a few weeks ago is one of the biggest adds to slip under the radar. As you may remember, Boosteroid is the most recent provider to enter the US cloud-gaming industry. It uses your existing Steam and Epic Games Store libraries to function similarly to GeForce Now.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered is a notable addition from recent times. If you have the PC version of the game, you can use Boosteroid to connect to it and start playing Spider-Man right from your phone. I’m playing the game myself, and I couldn’t be more pleased with everything about it. It gets even better now that it will be available in the cloud.

lumote amazon luna

The cloud gaming community is still expanding as a result of releases like Lumote on Amazon Luna, Assassins Creed Odyssey on Xbox Game Pass, and a number of new GFN games. Check back next week for additional information about cloud gaming, including news and notes.

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