Beware of New Android Apps That Steal Money

brand-new theft of money The Google Play Store has rated Android apps as spotted . Despite being removed since, they can still be there on your phone. Security experts at Trend Micro are the source of this knowledge. Such hazardous apps have been encountered previously a number of times, each time containing a different piece of malware.

MONEY-STEALING ANDROID APPS WITH DAWDROPPER MALWARE HAVE BEEN FOUND Now, these apps contain the spyware known as DawDropper. It is possible to steal the victims’ PIN numbers, passwords, and banking information. In addition to other things, this spyware may intercept text messages.

Typically, dropper apps are used to describe such applications. According to Trend Micro, there have been an increasing amount of banking Trojans on Android, specifically the Google Play Store.

Advertisement The list below contains a complete list of apps. It is strongly urged that you uninstall any of these apps from your smartphone as soon as possible. They might still be on your phone even though they are no longer available in the Play Store.

APK Call Recorder (com.caduta.aisevsk) VPN Rooster (com.vpntool.androidweb) Super Cleaner, hyper, and intelligent (com.j2ca.callrecorder) Scanner for Documents PDF Creator (com.codeword.docscann) Pro Universal Saver (com.virtualapps.universalsaver) picture editor Eagle (com.techmediapro.photoediting) Pro Call Recorder (com.chestudio.callrecorder) A little cleaner (com.casualplay.leadbro) Security Tools (com.utilsmycrypto.mainer) FixCleaner (com.cleaner.fixgate) Just In: Motion Pictures (com.olivia.openpuremind) com.myunique.sequencestore com.flowmysequto.yamer com.qaz.universalsaver Fortune Cleaner (com.luckyg.cleaner) Easy Cleaner (com.scando.qukscanner) QR scanner for UNICC (com.qrdscannerratedx) According to TREND MICRO, DAWDROPPERS MALICIOUS PAYLOAD IS A MEMBER OF THE OCTO MALWARE FAMILY. What Trend Micro says: The harmful payload used by DawDroppers is a member of the Octo malware family, a modular and multistage malware that may hijack affected devices, steal banking information, and intercept text conversations. Coper, another name for Octo, has historically been used to target Colombians who utilize internet banking.

No matter whatever trojan we’re talking about—we’ve written about banking trojan apps quite a bit already—it has the ability to do tremendous harm. Therefore, make sure to read user reviews and ratings before installing any apps. There’s always a risk you’ll install one, even though Google is quickly uninstalling any such apps that manage to get past its safeguards. Additionally, sideloading apps should be done with caution, albeit it is best to not sideload at all.


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