Beginning on May 11, Google will prohibit all third-party call recording apps on the Play Store.

From May 11, a new Google Play Store policy will be in effect, prohibiting third-party call recording apps from being sold there.

There will be additional limitations placed on developers’ access to the Accessibility API as a result of changes to the Google Play Policy that were first noticed over on Reddit by user /u/NLL-APPS . However, starting on May 11, Google will no longer permit apps that are published on the Play Store to access the Accessibility Service. This has been used as a workaround to enable remote call audio recording. Additionally, Google has clarified any ambiguity regarding this policy change in a recent developer webinar (h/t Android Authority ).

Numerous apps enable call audio recording without the other party being aware. Therefore, this policy change solely applies to third-party apps available through the Play Store. Native call recording features are incorporated into several default dialer programs, like the Google Phone, Mi Dialer, and others, on particular devices. The move will not have an impact on the built-in dialers for phones made by Xiaomi and the Pixel companies.

Google Accessibility API changes affecting call recording apps on the Play Store

During the developer-specific webinar, Moun Choi, Google’s lead for content operations, outlined the immediate implications: In this context, the term “remote” refers to call audio recording in which the party on the other end is not aware that the call is being recorded.

Accessibility is not necessary to listen to the incoming audio stream if the app is already pre-installed and set as the phone’s default dialer. Hence, it wouldn’t be against the law. The revised phrase will be applicable to all apps starting on May 11th because this is a clarification to an existing guideline.

In essence, this implies that you won’t lose functionality if you can record calls using the dialer program that came pre-installed. However, call recording could no longer be possible if you use an app that you acquired from the Google Play Store. However, Google doesn’t say if currently-available apps that use this Accessibility API will be removed from the Play Store.

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