Before the release of Android 13, 13.3% of all devices are running Android 12.

Google updated its distribution statistics for Android at the beginning of this month, showing that 13.3% of devices are running Android 12.

Google last updated the Android Platform/API Version Distribution in Android Studio on May 9 prior to the August 4 upgrade. Android 12 was not yet included in the distribution data four months ago, and its recent inclusion comes before the release of Android 13.

Despite this, there is evidence that indicates Android versions 12 and higher were at about 6.6% in May even though they were not specifically mentioned in Android Studio. The green pie chart was made by 9to5Google to mimic how the data was graphically shown when monthly Android distribution stats were revealed. It obtains the same data that Android Studio does (straight from Google).

OCT. 2022

Our chart reached 93.3% in May, and we assumed that Android 12 would make up the majority of the remaining percentage to reach 100%. (but could also incorporate 12L and the 13 Beta). Why Google did not formally announce Android 12 three months earlier is unknown. (If we’re right, Android Studio combined Android 11 and 12 in May for some reason.)

The August pie chart’s total is 99.8% using that reasoning. a number of the rest. Given the tablet and foldable enhancements, 2% might be Android 12L, which has its own API level (32). The majority of that ought to originate from the most recent Made by Google products (Pixel 3a and newer).

MAY 2022

Android 11 is currently at 27%, up from 23.8% in May. With Android 10 coming in second at 22.3%, it is still the most popular Android version in use today. Four years later, Android 9 Pie is still ahead of the most recent stable release with a 14.5% market share.

Google generated this information, which was made available each month, from Android devices that had used the Play Store within a seven-day window that ended on the specified date. Presumably, the approach has not altered.

The most recent numbers were released monthly in October 2018, and they were first updated in May 2019. In May 2022, November 2021, and April 2020, Google released updated statistics. Google no longer provides information about Android distribution on any of its official websites; the information is now exclusively displayed in Android Studio. The Create New Project wizard provides an OS release chart for app developers so they can balance which features they can employ while aiming for the most users.

Kyle Bradshaw and Dylan Roussel both contributed to this article.
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