Before January 1st, you can download Hangouts history via Google Takeout.

The website is currently the sole option to use classic Hangouts, but that will change in November. In the meanwhile, Google is urging users to download their Hangouts history using Takeout because some of their conversations—or at least part of them—won’t seamlessly transition from Hangouts to Chat.

When Hangouts for Android and iOS stopped operating in June and users were forced to utilize standalone Chat apps or the Gmail tab, the firm warned that certain users might be affected.

Google recently sent out the Important Information regarding the switch from Google Hangouts to Google Chat email, but it made no mention of the reasons why some users won’t experience a seamless transition. It coincides with the removal of on November 1. The answer is using Google Takeout , regardless of the cause.

People now have until January 1, 2023, according to the corporation, to download their communication history. After that, data from Hangouts will be removed similarly to libraries of Google Play Music that were uploaded.

Google provides the following justification for utilizing Google Chat in the meantime:
Why is there an upgrade for users?

Greater interaction with other Google Workspace products, as well as contemporary features like a gif picker and Spaces, a special location for topic-based collaboration, are all available in Google Chat. Since last year, Hangouts users have been receiving in-product reminders about this move, and many of them have already switched to Google Chat. Please check the Help Center for additional details on the Google Chat update.

The arduous journey toward consolidating the company’s communication offerings will be finished once this takes place and Google resolves the Duo icon issue with the Meet merger.

Check out our tutorial on downloading your Google Hangouts data if you need assistance.
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