Because of this, so many people despise HP printers.

Even though many HP printers rely on connected accounts and always-online functionality, Reddit is flooded with complaints about these features as well as pay-per-page printing subscriptions. A HP Smart account login problem caused the printer to fail to print anything at all, according to a Reddit user who complained about it in an now-viral post . When an account or internet connection is not accessible, it appears that HP fully locks down the printer. The HP Smart account is designed to allow users remotely set up, manage, and print from their printers.

It turns out that many users have experienced identical issues with their HP Smart account and related Smart app. Some users even claimed that without the Smart app, they were unable to utilize their printers. one user reports that the printer driver doesn’t persist during reboots, and requires an installation from HP’s site every time the computer restarts also seems to be generating some controversy, though to be fair, this could be a fault with the Windows Print Server.

If you are trying to move away from the subscription, it appears to happen far too frequently that the printer will not recognize a non-Instant Ink cartridge. To fix this issue, HP assistance is frequently called in. However, not all printer makers have taken this approach. For instance, Brother printers ‘s Ink Tank technology, which helps reduce ink costs generally speaking, has contributed significantly to their popularity.


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