Bandwidth: As Friends and Family’s release date near, Xbox adds a number of independent day one releases.

Even though Xbox is excellent at adding fresh and timely games to Xbox Game Pass, we seldom see day one launches. That alters this week. New indie-developed titles are being made available on Xbox. Additionally, an early glance at the updated Xbox Friends and Family branding is shown.

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XBOX BRINGS A NUMBER OF NEW TITLES Independent games have a distinctive vibe among all types of video games. They have a little more heart than others and in some ways come to life a little bit better. With six new Humble Games titles, Xbox is more than doubling down on this sentiment.

Midnight Fight Express, a vibrant brawler that immerses you in the criminal underworld, is one of the games on the list. You can play as a former participant in that life with the intention of preventing a hostile takeover.

The rest of this week’s Humble Games are also playable right now on Game Pass Ultimate, including Midnight Fight Express:

Infinite Guitars, Moonscars, Ghost Song, and Prodeus Signalis We reported at the beginning of the month that Xbox was developing a system for sharing games with friends and family. This strategy would save you some money while allowing others to enjoy your Xbox Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate games. The new function is presently being tested in Ireland and Colombia, but it might come to the United States later this year.

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Although we are not aware of any specific plans, it appears Xbox is moving toward that objective. Recently, a user on Twitter shared some branding for the new Xbox Friends and Family plan that appeared legitimate. Even while there isn’t much to base this on or even to be too enthusiastic about, it might indicate a release date that is closer for gamers and subscribers.

RIGHT NOW, GEFORCE BRINGS SEPTEMBER’S LINEUP There are 22 titles in total that GeForce Now has in store for September. Many of those games are new releases, which keeps GeForce Now at the top of the list for cloud-based brand-new games.

Steelrising, an action-RPG with French roots that transports you to a different historical past, will be available this week on GeForce Now. King Louis XVI is on the offensive and in command of his army of mechanical soldiers. Your character’s job is to kill him, according to Aegis.

In addition to Steelrising, GFN is introducing a ton of other options in September. You can start playing these games this week:
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