August 2022 update: Top 10 Educational Android Games

We’ve picked up some of the top educational apps for Android games because they can be used for more than simply driving, shooting, hacking, and slashing. There are a ton of educational games available for students in grades k–12.

But which are the best ones available? Finding apps that can truly improve your child’s education can be challenging. The top ten educational apps available on the Google Play Store are shown below.

AUGUST 2022: THE TOP 10 BEST EDUCATIONAL ANDROID GAMES Here is a brief summary of the available apps, along with information on their costs and in-app purchases.

Game download fees for advertisements In-app fees (per item) Baby Games: Piano and Baby Phone Free X Baby Games: 2 Kids, Toddlers Free $4.99 Hungry Caterpillar Shapes and Colors Free $3.99 Free $2.99 Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen for kids learning to read X Run Free Wild Kratts Rescue Free Kindergarten Math for Children Free LogicLike Brain Training $1.99 $89.99 Pango Stoy Time Free $0.99 $11.88 Bebi Toddlers: Learning Games Free $4.99 $344.99 AUGUST 2022: THE TOP 10 BEST EDUCATIONAL ANDROID GAMES Here is the list of apps, along with some other details like their sizes and Google Play ratings. You should only download programs from the Play Store or other reliable sources, it is advised.


Cost of Download: Free In-App Cost: $4.99 Measures 63MB Rating for Google Play: 4.7 out of 5 A selection of enjoyable and fundamental tasks for kids can be found in the educational game Baby Games, which is straightforward and light. These games are excellent for toddlers, as the name would suggest. They are stuffed with educational games that aid in recognizing colors, shapes, and other things.

Characters in the games range from animals to people, and they’re all animated. Children can interact with the game characters while they play. It’s enjoyable, easy to understand, and incredibly basic. They’re useful for teaching your kids while they’re not in school.


Cost of Download: Free In-App Cost: $3.99 36MB in size Rating on Google Play: 4.5 out of 5 The Hungry Caterpillar is well-known to many children. This individual appears in the well-known book from 1969. This generation’s children are the target audience for the app, and it could succeed. This game focuses on teaching kids about shapes and colors, as you may infer from the title.

There are different levels for putting shapes in the correct slots, stacking blocks according to size, completing easy puzzles, and more. On every level, the titular Hungry Caterpillar will appear, however he serves more as a supporting cast member.

Baby Games: Piano andamp; Baby Phone (Ad)

Cost of Download: Free In-App Fee: None 50MB in size Rating for Google Play: 4.5 out of 5 Infant Games: A game aimed at toddlers is called Piano and Baby Phone. It is intended to replace the toys that parents would typically buy to keep their children occupied.

This game features a tiny baby phone and a baby piano for kids to enjoy, as the name would imply. It’s not only a diversion to stop your kids from sobbing at the grocery store. It is jam-packed with educational games that will aid in your child’s basic education.

Advertisement The games cover anything from learning about animal sounds to rhythm activities. Kids can learn a little bit about numbers in addition to those other things.

Alphabet Kitchen on Same Street

Cost of Download: Free In-App Price: $2.99 Size: 66 MB. Rating for Google Play: 3.9 out of 5 The educational mainstay Sesame Street is now available on cellphones with Sesame Street Alphabet Kitchen. The focus of this game is, as its name says, on reading and learning the alphabet. Your child will learn the letters while playing the game and baking cookies.

Advertisement The opportunity to create personalized cookies is one of the key features of this game that will appeal to kids. After finishing the primary tasks, the kids can decorate and color their own cookies. It’s a fun and engaging approach to learn the alphabet’s letters.


Cost of Download: Free In-App Price: $2.99 41MB in size Rating for Google Play: 4.7 out of 5 Kids Learn To Read is a simple and enjoyable program that can assist children in learning to read. Kids will follow Tommy Turtle, the game’s primary character, as he leads them through various activities.

Advertisement To aid in their better assimilation of the material, the exercises include familiar situations such as cooking and fixing bikes. Each task requires the youngster to deconstruct and spell words. It is aimed at young children.

The game has a one-time fee of $2.99, however Google Play Pass entitles you to a free download. The game does not support in-app purchases.


Download Price: $2.99 In-App Price: free 60MB in size PBS Kids has long been a mainstay in children’s education, and that tradition extends to mobile games. Google Play Rating: 3.9 stars out of 5 The business has previously ported its well-known TV series to mobile gaming.

Wild Kratts Rescue Run is based on the Wild Kratts television program. The main characters are followed through a number of instructional tasks that require fulfilling a mission. The children will discover information about animals as they complete the objectives.

There are no in-app purchases in this game, which is available for free. One can always choose to

Download price: $1.99 In-app price: free 70MB in size Children’s Kindergarten Math, rated 3.9 out of 5 stars on Google Play, uses a method that is common across many straightforward educational apps. It features various educational mini-games and a cast of endearing animals.

The game tracks the animal companions as they go about their varied tasks. Your children must assist the animals in performing these tasks. In addition to managing a warehouse, you also deliver items, prepare meals, organise birthday celebrations, etc. Your children will assist the animals in completing those duties while developing their fundamental math and counting abilities.

Although there are no in-app purchases in this game, it does cost $1.99 to download. That is an incredibly low cost considering the kind of game that this is. You’ll receive the whole thing at once. Additionally, if you have Google Play Pass, this game is free.


Cost of Download: Free In-App Cost: $1.99 $89.99 56MB in size Rating for Google Play: 4.5 out of 5 A slightly older demographic is targeted by the program LogicLike Brain Training. It mostly consists of logic puzzles that require you to add two numbers together. You are given a carefully crafted list of tasks to do.

Simple riddles and visual games are among the puzzle types. As you advance, you gain stars that can be exchanged for in-game trade cards. You can’t purchase them; that’s the only in-game currency available.

It is possible to purchase a premium membership. You get access to all 28 of the game’s courses. A 6-month subscription costs $30.

Download Size: 271MB; In-App Purchase Price: Rating for Google Play: 4.6 out of 5 A group of instructional games called Bebi Toddlers are based on a group of animal companions. It is designed for children ages 2 and above, like the majority of educational video games. It is jam-packed with instructional and essential games that teach kids fundamental abilities.

Simple puzzles, basic algebra, learning alphabet, and other activities are all part of the games. The children can dress up their animal companions and accessorize them. Kids can play the game and interact with it while having fun and learning.


Download: Free; In-App: $0.99; Total: $11.88 Size: 112 MB. Rating on Google Play: 4.5 out of 5 Compared to the majority of other educational games, Pango Story Time is a little unique. It focuses on problem-solving abilities rather than academic pursuits. Each exercise consists of a brief story that the youngster must complete in order to advance.

The majority of the stories in Pango Story Time require payment in order to be unlocked. You receive two for free, but you must pay $2.99 per month to access the rest.


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