Asian Pacific American Heritage Month is marked by Pixel Curated Culture wallpapers in May.

The Pixels Curated Culture wallpaper honors Asian Pacific American Heritage Month for May, same like previous year (APAHM).

Baos wallpapers, including a special Year of the Tiger wallpaper, highlight the value of community via cultural exchange and mutual celebration and are all accessible through your wallpaper and style settings.

These three wallpapers are works of art by Sarula Bao :

Community: We connect and celebrate as a group by sharing our culture with members of our incredibly diverse community. Featuring artwork by Sarula Bao. In Solidarity, we turn to one another for help, comfort, and protection through trying times. Tiger, the king of all animals, stands in for our bravery in terms of strength.

Along with the other 45 backdrops, they read:
, For the Pixel 3 to Pixel 6 Pro, the May Curated Culture updates are accessible in the Wallpaper and Style app.
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