As of Q1 FY2022, Sony had shipped 21.7 million PS5 consoles.

According to the company’s latest financial results published on Friday, July 29, Sony’s PS5 unit sales were have reached 21.7 million as of the company’s Q1 fiscal year 2022. This is an increase over the 19.3 million PS5 units sold overall during the previous quarter. Additionally, a report dated June 3 stated that Sony had supplied more than 20 million PS5 consoles globally. Fiscal 2022 Q1 ended on June 30.

This indicates that Sony shipped another 1.7 million PS5 systems within a month of the previous report. In order to achieve its aim of the PS5 once more outselling the PS4 in sales in the fourth year of the systems’ availability, Sony surely appears to be maintaining its upward pace.

In addition to shipping 21.7 million systems, Sony says it is still confident that it will accomplish its target of shipping 18 million PS5 consoles for the fiscal year 2022.

Advertisement SALES OF PS5 UNITS WILL PROBABLY INCREASE DURING THE HOLIDAY SEASON. Although Sony is happy with its most recent PS5 achievements, it still has more goals. According to Sony, the effects of the Shanghai shutdown are starting to fade and component supply are beginning to increase. Sony is attempting to advance more supplies into the year-end holiday selling season as a result of these developments.

We might see a significant increase in the number of PS5 units available to consumers as we move closer to Q4, which begins in October. The busiest time of the year for shopping is often during the year-end Christmas season. Sony also wants to make sure that it is as prepared as possible for people intending to purchase a PS5 over the holiday season.

Although PS5 unit sales have increased, some aspects of the PlayStation experience have decreased. According to Sony, the amount of time PlayStation users spent playing overall decreased by 15% year over year in Q1. However, game play time grew in June compared to May by 3%, which is just a 10% decrease from June 2021.

Advertisement Sony claims that despite this, it had anticipated greater player interaction and that the actual numbers are fewer than anticipated.


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