As Google Chrome attempts to reduce the contrast of background pages, your laptop’s battery life could increase.

The most widely used internet browser in the world, Google Chrome, is also renowned for frequently draining batteries. However, a recent update made in the background may make that easier going future.

A new flag that indicates a potential source of battery savings from the browser has appeared in the most recent versions to Google Chrome. This new feature, known as rapid intense throttling, prevents background pages from using an excessive amount of battery life.

The The tweak bug was first discovered by the About Chromebooks team in the Chrome OS 105 release, although it affects all platforms that support Google Chrome, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

How does that function?
Chrome’s quick intense throttling, which was previously limited to five minutes, blocks background pages from loading JavaScript elements after 10 seconds. Google clarifies:

Activates heavy throttling for pages loaded in the background after 10 seconds as opposed to the standard 5 minutes. The number of wake-ups from setTimeout and setInterval jobs with a high nesting level and a delayed scheduler will be limited by intensive throttling. up to 1 postTask job each minute.

Google transforms that to something a little more understandable—a further comment .

This should lengthen the battery’s life. A test on the Canary and Dev channels showed no change to our guiding metrics, and CPU use significantly improves (by 10%) when all tabs are silent and hidden.

Of course, this only applies in the appropriate situations. The majority of people will experience battery life savings when multiple tabs are open at once. This adjustment would stop a new tab from entirely loading and using your battery if a page is opened but not immediately interacted with. However, this really only applies if the webpage you’re on heavily utilizes JavaScript.

It can take some time until this modification is applied to everyone in the Stable channel since it is currently only visible in the Dev channel.

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