As a phased US deployment begins, Google accepts enrollment for its AI Test Kitchen.

Google unveiled the AI Test Kitchen smartphone app at I/O 2022 in May as a way for the general public to learn about, use, and provide feedback on cutting-edge AI technologies. You can now Declare your interest in participating in LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications).

Three of the experimental demos that will be housed in the AI Test Kitchen are presently accessible. They are based on the most recent iteration of LaMDA, which has had significant safety upgrades.

Name a location, and LaMDA will provide pathways for you to explore your idea. Listing It: See how many lists of subtasks LaMDA can create for a given objective or subject. Discuss It (Dogs Edition): Suspend judgment and follow the conversation as it unfolds. It’s just a fun, little odd, open-ended conversation. It is advocated to use many layers of security, including methods to keep conversations on topic, as barriers for a technology that can produce unending, rambling conversation.

Google AI Test Kitchen
Google AI Test Kitchen
Google AI Test Kitchen

Over the past year, we have been internally testing LaMDA, which has resulted in considerable quality gains. Recently, we’ve conducted targeted rounds of adversarial testing to uncover further model issues. Red teaming members are product specialists who purposefully put a system through its paces with an antagonistic mindset. They have found extra detrimental but covert outputs.

The last one is the one that currently most closely resembles previous AI chatbots that other firms have infamously published. While the data is not connected to your Google Account, all three will let you provide input that Google wants to include in upcoming releases. You can mark each LaMDA response as good, insulting, off-topic, or inaccurate, for instance.

The experiences in the AI Test Kitchen, according to Google, are intended to give you a responsible taste of what’s possible with AI rather than being final products. The AI Test Kitchen starts here registration process.

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