Are there any apps for the Pixel Buds Pro? How to manage ANC, multipoint, and other things

The Pixel Buds Pro, Google’s newest earbuds, are unquestionably a top-notch pair. As the name suggests, pairing the Pixel Buds Pro with a Pixel is only natural, but the most recent Google earbuds are also a great choice for other Android devices. Interestingly, you might not require an app depending on what you use.

As previously said, pairing the Pixel Buds Pro with a Google Pixel handset is a wonderful experience. There is no obvious app because the buds are made to work so seamlessly with the Pixel; instead, the controls are found in the settings. Although they appear to be the Pixel Buds Pro controls, what you are actually seeing is the control app that has been made to look like a settings page.

Even if you don’t have a pair of Pixel Buds, every Pixel comes with the Pixel Buds Pro control app pre-installed. Having said that, you may use these earphones without having a Pixel phone to enjoy their sound. The Pixel Buds app is required to adjust features like ANC, Multipoint pairing, and more because it is not preinstalled and is not presented to users of other Android devices as a settings page.

The Pixel Buds Pro app can be downloaded through the Google Play Store, but your phone should let you know that it’s ready to install once you’ve used Fast Pair to connect your headphones by just opening them close to your device. From there, you can use all of those entertaining options and access the Pixel Buds control app.

APPLICATION OF THE PIXEL BUDS PRO The only difference between smartphones was how to access the app. On a Pixel, against popular belief, there are additional steps required to access the earbuds without a specific widget. You may start adjusting your Pixel Buds right now on any other Android device by going to the app.

google pixel buds pro app

PER PIXEL To access the Pixel Buds Pro settings on your Pixel, follow these steps:

Go to the Bluetooth settings on your Pixel. After sliding down twice from the homescreen, you may access the Bluetooth Quick Settings tile by long-tapping it. Your Pixel Buds’ settings cog should be tapped. The end! The Pixel Buds Pro settings are where you are. You may also make a shortcut widget and add it to your homescreen for quicker access. Simply long-tap your home screen to access Widgets. Locate Pixel Buds, long-tap it, and then move it around the homescreen. When prompted to select a device, select your Pixel Buds Pro.

Simply touch the shortcut from there to access the settings right away.

ON OTHER ANDROID PHONE DEVICES You need the Pixel Buds app installed on your Android device. Once you’ve done that, just hit the app icon to access the settings.

Once there, you have a lot of options to play with. The Pixel Buds Pro are displayed at the top, with a battery level indicated beneath each bud. This is useful for rapidly assessing whether your buds need to be recharged.

Note: For some options to appear in-app, your Pixel Buds Pro must be removed from their case.

Of course, Google Assistant, a feature of the Pixel Buds, can be configured and enabled. You can change minor elements like the sound that plays when Google Assistant starts listening on the settings page as well as completely disable Google Assistant if necessary.

You can quickly see what each gesture accomplishes on the Touch controls page by tapping the name of the gesture on the screen, which brings up a brief visual demonstration of how that gesture functions. Touch and hold, which can be either the Google Assistant gesture or changing your ANC choices, is the only gesture that you can configure. With that gesture, each ear can perform a distinct action if you’d want.

You can select the active ANC mode using sound. Active noise cancellation (ANC) and transparency mode are features of the Pixel Buds Pro. You can simply select Off to turn off either of those features if you don’t want them to be active.

The final two parameters are crucial but less obvious. It’s a good idea to have Multipoint and Audio switching enabled because they complement one another effectively. Google has developed a new technology called audio switching that makes switching between output devices simpler. Fast Pairs audio switching, for instance, switches to your phone as the output device without missing a beat if you have music playing on your Android tablet and get a call on your phone. Multipoint must be activated in order for that to function.

Pixel Buds Pro status
Pixel Buds Pro app
Pixel Buds Pro app

WHAT ARE YOUR OPTIONS IF NOT THE APP? The Pixel Buds Pro do offer gesture controls, as was already mentioned. This enables you to manage a variety of parameters by simply touching the buds’ faces. For instance, swiping forward increases volume while swiping backward decreases it. You may use playback controls and turn on or off ANC.

Google Assistant can manage many of these settings instead of using touch controls. You may tell Google Assistant to turn on ANC or to turn up the volume once it has been activated. Both of these sentences are effective, and chances are that you can ask the built-in Google Assistant to change any option you choose.

Overall, the Pixel Buds app is simple to use and contains a wide range of Pixel Buds Pro settings. Make sure to add the Pixel Buds shortcut widget to your homescreen if you have a Pixel because it makes it so much simpler to access the app.

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