April’s Google Play system updates provide new Play Pass capabilities, app discovery, and other improvements. {Updated}

New Play Pass and Play Points features, as well as new ways to discover apps, are all part of the April Google Play system updates for Android phones.

In recent months, Google started introducing release notes for updated components of what it refers to as the Google System. This includes small upgrades to your phone’s operating system via Google Play system updates, as well as updates to the Google Play Store and Google Play Services. As new features and modifications frequently entail updates from a combination of the three, Google bundles them all together in one place rather than providing separate release notes for each component.

Follow a direct link to the apps and, if available, update from there to find out if you need to update Google Play Services on your phone. Tap your avatar in the corner, then choose Settings to update the Play Store. You’ll see a button to update the Play Store under the About section. Under About phone andgt; Android version andgt; Google Play system update in the Settings app, users can find Google Play system updates.

There don’t seem to be many intriguing new features planned for the Google Play releases in April 2022. New features for Play Pass and Play Points, as well as some new ways to find apps through the Play Store, are among the few noteworthy additions that need more investigation.

The rewards program recently allowed certain users to apply their points straight to a purchase rather than buying credits in 100-point increments, so it’s possible that the Play Points upgrades have already gone live for some.

You must ensure that your device has the April Google Play system update, version 22.12 of Play Services, and version 29.9 of the Play Store, all of which should start rolling out on April 1. If not, you won’t be able to take advantage of these changes.

Update 4/1: Google has added new modifications related to automobiles to the release notes for the Play System updates for April 2022. One especially intriguing paragraph refers to the use of Android Auto to access streaming video apps on an infotainment system. Google has confirmed that this is in fact a reference to the newly announced support for Android Automotive-equipped automobiles to run apps like YouTube.

In order to keep your passwords secret, another new inclusion specifies options for encrypted files on your device. Below, both updates have been made.

Update 4/15: Google has added some new notes to the changelog for April during the past few days. The updated notes state that shortly, your Google Account’s data should be better organized. We notice that Google Passwords for mobile now has the ability to import passwords, a capability that is already available through the online app, under a newly added Security


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