Apple’s winners and losers for Q3 of 2022

That counteracted a general downward trend elsewhere, as Apple’s other gear struggled to match sales levels from the previous year. The Mac, iPad, Wearables, Home, and Accessories categories all experienced declines from year to year. Apple CEO Tim Cook explained the Mac shortage to CNBC by citing supply restrictions and a high dollar.

Although iPhone was a disappointment, Apple’s Services division was a success. With the help of subscriptions to services like Apple Music and iCloud, Apple’s cut of payments for App Store and iTunes downloads, and other licensing fees like the money Google pays its rival in exchange for being the default search engine on devices like the iPhone and iPad, that saw a 12 percent growth during the fiscal third quarter.

Despite Apple’s refusal to provide any forecast for the fourth quarter, expectations for the second half of 2022 are high. Sales of the new MacBook Air M2, which uses the most recent Apple Silicon chipset, as well as the introduction of the iPhone 14 series later in the year will be included in that. Apple is rumored to be seeking to better distinguish its iPhone 14 Pro models by saving the newest, most powerful SoCs for those more costly models, thus the new devices are believed to have both new and familiar chipsets.


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