Apple’s iPhone 14 Plus Sales Issue Is Serious.

Recent The Information report allegations that Apple has instructed some iPhone 14 Plus assemblers to dramatically reduce this model’s manufacturing, lending validity to such assertions. One vendor has totally stopped producing the Plus edition, and two vendors were directed to reduce production by 70% and 90%, respectively. While the future of the iPhone 14 Plus seems dismal, the source asserts that Apple is likely to move forward with its plans to introduce the iPhone 15 Plus as this model’s replacement next year.

The iPhone 14 Plus appears to be a sensible investment on paper. It is the most affordable large-screen iPhone Apple has ever produced and costs just $100 more than the iPhone 14. The iPhone 14 Plus has the longest battery life of all the iPhone 14 variants because to its larger battery. The phone isn’t allegedly doing well, despite this. It is important to remember that, other from its placement, the iPhone 14 Plus doesn’t have any intrinsic flaws. It costs $899 at launch, which is just $100 less than the $999 iPhone 14 Pro. Users can purchase the iPhone 14 Pro Max for just $200 extra. If early signs are to be believed, users appear to prefer upgrading to the Pro versions over shelling out an extra $100 or $200 for a device that is simply an iPhone 14 with a larger display.


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