Apple’s DIY Home Repairs Will Next Be Available For Your M1 MacBook

Apple hasn’t revealed the full scope of fixes that would be possible, but it has promised that each model will have more than a dozen potential repair choices. Included in this are some of the most frequent offenders, like the display, the top case that houses the battery, and the trackpad. Previously, an Apple specialist was needed for these fixes, but now resourceful MacBook owners may do it themselves.

Reading the official manual is the first step in fixing your MacBook, according to the firm. The next step is to go to the Apple Repair Store itself and buy the necessary parts. You’ll also need Apple’s toolkit to complete the repairs, in addition to the parts. If you anticipate needing additional repairs, you can purchase the kit to keep it for yourself; otherwise, Apple will provide rentals for $49 per month. These free-of-charge rental kits will be available for one week before you need to send them back.

You’ll have extra, outdated parts after the repairs are finished, but Apple will take care of recycling or refurbishing them. The company teases that you will frequently receive some extra credit for doing this, but it doesn’t provide any other information. The cost of the actual parts is unknown at this time, but overall, this should work out to be a less expensive option to speed up your M1 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.


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