App and widget were broken by Google Weather, which also caused Assistant to believe it is 0 degrees outdoors {U: Fixed}.

This morning, Google Weather experienced an outage that prevented it from displaying your local forecast across Android, Google Assistant, and more.

The Google Search app for Android devices has a Weather applet that features the adorable weather frog Froggy and displays the prediction for today, tomorrow, and the next 10 days. A Google Weather widget, which has even been modified for Material You, offers some of the same information as well.

9:05 a.m. update: It appears that the Google Weather outage has been fixed at this time. The Android weather widget is functioning as predicted, and the Google Assistant can provide accurate answers to weather-related queries.

On several devices this morning, we saw that the Google Weather widget was not working and was instead displaying an error message that said Can’t show weather. The widget usually reloads the most recent data when you tap it, but this particular problem seems to have persisted.

When you repeatedly tap the widget, the full Google Weather applet will open, and you’ll see an error page with a picture of Froggy shrugging on it. Unable to present weather information for this area is the error message.

The fascinating thing about this Google Weather outage is that even while the applet and widget can’t display information about your present location, they can still completely inform you of other areas. It’s interesting to note that the Google Weather search box, which previously worked and could retrieve forecasts for different places, has since stopped working. You may currently only read forecasts for saved places outside of the city you are now in.

This outage appears to be affecting a few additional Google Weather channels as well. On any other day, running a weather-related Google search on a mobile web browser would display a cute forecast graphic with Froggy. Today, the same page displays a straightforward forecast taken from

It’s also a cruel joke in the middle of a blazing summer when you query a Google Assistant speaker or display for the weather and get the hilarious response It’s 0 degrees in “your city” right now. At A Glance on Pixel phones can still display the temperature, but anecdotally it appears that the data is a few hours old.

We’ll be monitoring this Google Weather outage and updating you when Froggy returns safely.
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