Another week without new games, however there are some cool new streaming capabilities on Stadia

Although Google Stadia has been without new titles for another week, the platform did formally reveal a few new streaming features in addition to other platform-related news.

On 9to5Google, we compile some of the Stadia news that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to discuss in our weekly series called Stadia Changelog. A summary of the new games that were added to Stadia during the week, a list of games that received upgrades and fixes, a list of new games that have been confirmed or are rumored to be coming to the platform, and more are included. Check out Bandwidth, our weekly examination of the remainder of the cloud gaming industry, which includes GeForce Now, Luna, and more, every Friday when you return.

GAME UPDATES ON STADA The week of August 15–18, 2022, saw no additional games being uploaded to Google Stadia’s catalog. No new games have been released for the platform for the second consecutive week in August, and for the twelfth time in 33 weeks (so far) in 2022.

In 2022, Google added 44 new games to Stadia. Google added 107 new games to the Stadia library in 2021, and in 2022, the company vowed to add at least 100 more—a lofty goal at the current pace. The promise of 100 new games has notably stopped appearing in Google’s most recent community updates and blog articles; the last time it did so was in March.

COMING GAMES TO STADA The final release date for From Space, which will debut on Stadia on September 29 along with the Nintendo Switch and PC, was one of the biggest Stadia game announcements this week.

Bratz: Flaunt Your Fashion, which will be accessible on Stadia this fall, was moreover officially introduced.
UPDATES Google describes new Stadia streaming features.

Google this week formally introduced Party Stream, which had already begun to roll out, on its community site. Even if the recipients do not have Stadia accounts, Party Stream enables players to share a stream of their games with them using just a link.

Google gives the brilliant example of playing Jackbox Party Pack with Party Stream in the article, which may just make Stadia the finest method to play Stadia remotely. The majority of the time, playing the game remotely works wonderfully if you’ve never tried it, but latency in a standard live stream or even using Zoom can make it difficult to play. Party Stream appears to be a simpler and all-around better approach to get going.

In addition, Google described new Stadia streaming features include the capacity to swap between devices while streaming and to stream from a TV or mobile device in up to 4K HDR (after the stream has been started from the Stadia web app).

Rpublique is currently a free game.

This month, the game Rpublique turns ten, and it’s now available to everyone for free to play. Players on Stadia can now begin the game without paying a fee or having a Pro membership. access the game here is possible.

Winter Soldier has been added to Marvel’s Avengers

This week, the Marvel Avengers revealed its v2.6 update , which will be released in September. The update will build on the tale and add the No Rest for the Wicked Warzone. According to reports, MODOK from the game’s original plot will make a cameo appearance.

The Scientist Supreme is out of options (and clones) and must take additional chances to maintain AIM’s dominance. M.O.D.O.K. has been found by Monica in the San Francisco Bay, and she intends to resurrect him to use against the Avengers. Before the genius driven by mutations reappears, our heroes must put an end to her plans.

Beyond that, though, Bucky Barnes, a.k.a. The Winter Soldier, will also be a new playable character.
New Saints Row trailer released
Prior to Saints Row’s scheduled release on August 23, a brand-new gameplay trailer emphasizing the narrative has been made available.

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