Android Auto’s requirements have been updated, and a phone running Android 8.0 or higher is now necessary.

Many people use Android Auto to continue to access media and communications while driving, but Google is raising the bar for using Android Auto moving ahead.

Since its debut, the wired version of Android Auto has simply needed a compatible car or head unit, an Android phone running 6.0 Marshmallow or above, a high-quality USB cable, and an Android phone.

That is now altering.

Google quietly updated the Get Started with Android Auto support page to reflect the platform’s new, more stringent criteria. Moving forward, a smartphone running Android 8.0 Oreo or later will be required to use Android Auto.

Although we’re not completely clear when Google made this adjustment, it’s noteworthy that the support page for Android Auto May 2022 still shows Marshmallow and the official Android Auto website still lists 6.0 as the lowest permitted version. The earliest date we could connect to this shift was in late June, according to our research.

AUTO REQUIREMENTS FOR ANDROID (JULY 2022) Although the reason for Google’s increased entry barrier is unclear, it is still a relatively low hurdle to surmount.

Android Marshmallow is only being utilized on about 4% of active Android devices as of May 2022, while Oreo accounts for about 11–12%. The majority of devices now in use run one of Android versions 9 through 12, with Android 11 being present on about 30% of active devices.

However, raising the minimum necessary version will ultimately offer Google more freedom to implement new features. This modification may be related to the planned Coolwalk overhaul.

The prerequisites for Android Auto Wireless are still the same. You’ll need Android 9.0 or above on Google Pixel or some Samsung handsets, Android 10.0 on all Google Pixel and Samsung gear, and Android 11.0 from any other manufacturers if you want to use that version of the platform. Of course, you’ll also need an Android Auto wireless adapter or a head unit that is compatible.

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