Android 13 gets a facelift for YouTube Music and Spotify suggestions.

Over the past several days, YouTube Music has expanded its support for Android 12’s media recommendations feature, which prominently displays recent albums and playlists to begin instant playback.

Update 8/6: On Android 13, media recommendations for Spotify and YouTube Music have been modified to take into account the player’s single size.

The top-left corner of music services now displays a color icon, but there is no app name. The major change is how youre just shown three ideas that are rather huge given that the area for it is now taller. In terms of usefulness, this is a step backwards and having six choices was much better for variety.

In contrast to Android 12, media recommendations are not as readily available on Android 13. It does not always show up, and in one instance, it would only function with a car, not with headphones. When the OS reaches stable, this will presumably change.

YouTube Music recommendations

Original 6/18: After pairing an audio device, such as headphones or other speaker systems, over Bluetooth, these media recommendations instantly show. The app icon and name are in the top-left corner as you obtain three recently played works from YouTube Music toward the right. Opening Quick Settings offers you six in total, while the compact card can also show up on the lock screen.

A tap switches you to Now Playing controls and keeps you in Quick Settings, starting music in the background right away. These media suggestions will stay on the screen for a short while, and you can swipe to access them once again. However, they will now display after the playback controls and will begin a different track.

It has a design that is similar to the updated Material You widget and Listen again shelf. By turning off Show media recommendations in the Settings app’s Sound andamp; Vibration andgt; Media menu, the recommendations can be turned off.

YouTube Music recommendations
YouTube Music recommendations
YouTube Music recommendations

These YouTube Music suggestions are already coming very regularly when attaching headphones on Android 12. (Pixel 6 Pro on June security patch). They are appearing far more frequently than in the past on Google’s streaming service, and some Spotify customers have also noticed them. On Android 13, where we haven’t yet succeeded in getting it to operate, the card will likely display in its whole.

Update 6/23: In addition to specific works, media recommendations can also demonstrate how poorly the shuffle button is read and seen and how to start your offline mixtape quickly (if downloaded).

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