An Apple Semiconductor Expert is Hired by Samsung to Strengthen Chip Technology

To strengthen its chip technology, Samsung has engaged an Apple semiconductor specialist. Kim Woo-pyeong, who has worked for the Cupertino-based iPhone manufacturer for nine years, is reportedly departing to join the Korean juggernaut. He will act as the division’s Device Solution America (DSA) division’s newly appointed Packaging Solution Center’s director.

Kim has a lot of expertise working with semiconductors. Prior to joining joining Apple in 2014, he completed his studies at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and worked for Texas Instruments and Qualcomm. Kim reportedly worked on Apple’s Bionic chips during his nine years there.

Samsung is currently looking to use Kim’s semiconductor skills to advance its chip technology. In the past, the business found it difficult to compete with Qualcomm in the design of chips, as the latter’s chipsets consistently outperformed rival offerings from the former. Due of its weaker fabrication technology, the foundry division of the Korean company has likewise traditionally been second fiddle to TSMC.

Advertisement Samsung, though, isn’t given up and is making some tactical adjustments to restart its chip industry. It has ceased producing unique CPU cores and added an AMD GPU to its Exynos CPUs. The corporation is taking another important step toward producing better mobile processors with this theft of a semiconductor expert from its bitter rival Apple.

There isn’t a lot of information accessible regarding Kim’s duties as the director of Samsung’s Packaging Solution Center. He might be in charge of developments in chip packaging technologies. The increasingly low physical size of chips as we move towards the 3nm era (Samsung has started 3nm mass manufacturing) makes fabrication methods more challenging. Businesses are attempting to use cutting-edge packaging technology to get around these restrictions. Kim appears to have been given that task by Samsung.

THESE TYPES OF PERSONNEL TRANSFERS BETWEEN APPLE AND SAMSUNG ARE SMALL Among the largest tech firms in the world are Samsung and Apple. In the business, their relationship is a little unconventional. Despite the fact that they are in direct competition, the former supplies various components to the latter. As a result, there have been many unhappy times between the two. In the past, they have filed lawsuits alleging patent infringement against one another. Despite the fact that the legal disputes have been resolved, some Apple execs are still angry with Samsung.

Advertisement Due to everything mentioned, these hirings between the two are exceedingly uncommon. Rarely do people switch from one company to another. The latest significant transition from Apple to Samsung, as noted in the new research, occurred in 2012 when Luc Julia, who oversaw the creation of Siri, joined the Korean company.


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