America Can’t Have The Stunning New Hyundai Azera Sedan

In comparison to recently released flagship cars from other companies, such as the Cadillac Celestiq, the new Grandeur design fits in perfectly. The company believes that while still looking toward the future of transportation, the new design is a confluence of all the best designs Hyundai has ever produced.

Hyundai With a single light strip over the front grille that Hyundai is referring to as a “Seamless Horizon Lamp,” the Grandeur has a distinctly futuristic appearance. According to the manufacturer, the lighting arrangement was “inspired by the first light of dawn, emphasising the model’s wide stance and complementing with its parametric jewel grill.”

Hyundai Hyundai said that the inside is a “oasis for leisure and healing” and placed a high priority on comfort and sheer roominess. By moving the C-pillars of the car far toward the back of the vehicle, Hyundai was able to achieve the spacious interior depicted in the design idea. The interior features all the leather, speakers, wood accents, and eco-friendly materials one would anticipate from a high-end flagship in 2022.

Hyundai has not yet made available information about specifications, drivetrain, and pricing.


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