Amazon lists the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and features a new S Pen cover with Android 12L taskbar.

The release of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is in a little more than a week, yet leaks keep coming out. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 appeared on Amazon this week to display its new appearance, casing, and software upgrade.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is displayed in official photographs in its Beige colorway on the Telegram channel spotted and the Galaxy Z Fold 4 listing on Amazon Netherlands . Regarding pricing, there is nothing new to be discovered, but Samsung’s own photos make evident three significant modifications.

First and foremost, we receive measurements that demonstrate the Fold 4’s new aspect ratio.

As anticipated, the 6.2-inch 23.1:9 display makes the exterior display wider. Comparatively speaking, the Fold 3’s 6.2-inch screen was the same size but had a significantly more compact 25:9 aspect ratio. On the same 7.6-inch size, the inner display additionally expands to a wider 21.6:18 aspect ratio, compared to the Fold 3’s 5:4 aspect ratio. The hinge and bezel that run down the left side of the outside display also seem to have been reduced down by Samsung.

A new software update that Samsung is delivering to the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is also depicted in two additional photographs on the listing. It is a bottom-mounted taskbar that closely resembles the one in Android 12L.

With Android 12L, Google added a taskbar that can hold a few apps for rapid switching and simple multitasking. This taskbar only displays on devices with large screens. Although it’s unknown if Samsung will use that particular function, based on these photographs, it looks that’s the case.

A quick look at the new S Pen for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 follows. In a number of photographs, Samsung compares the Fold Edition S Pen to the Fold 4, and one of them reveals that the stylus’s appearance is largely the same.

The other image displays a brand-new S Pen case for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 in a color that resembles the phone inside and is grayish-green. That color is also reflected in the stylus. That’s noteworthy because the past year’s S Pen had black as its sole color option. Alongside the S Pen, the case also features some kind of line, but it’s not immediately clear what use that serves. In any case, we’re just happy to see that Samsung is eschewing the awful design from the previous year.

On August 10, Samsung will introduce the Galaxy Z Fold 4 together with the Flip 4, Watch 5 series, and a new set of earbuds. When purchasing a Fold 4, Reservations are open now for enhanced credits .

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