Amazon expands on Matter while revealing a few new Alexa skills.

As a virtual assistant, Amazon Alexa has been operating well for a while. Today, Amazon unveiled a few important new Alexa updates, including a major drive to integrate Matter for simpler control and networking of smart homes.

The developers of Amazon’s virtual assistant unveiled a variety of new features and enhancements coming in the following year, including the integration of Matter, during the Alexa Live developer event . The foundation for these adjustments is a renewed emphasis on expanding Alexa’s functionality through partnerships with developers and third-party apps.

To make it simpler for developers to add functionalities to the key phrase or phrases being stated to Alexa, for instance, Routines is getting a redesign. Jaguar’s Alexa skill was one of the examples given. The automaker offers a skill called Goodnight that enables users to lock and alarm their car while also receiving information on its charge and status. If you need to use that Routine or not, Alexa will determine and assist you in doing so.

Alexa using other virtual assistants to carry out such third-party tasks is another branch of this feature. Universal Commands is the name of this new component. Users can wake Alexa or Skullcandy by saying Hey, Skullcandy followed by a command; whichever virtual assistant can handle the command will take it and carry it out. A new partner, Skullcandy, is implementing this in their headphones by adding Alexa alongside its own virtual assistant.

The integration of Matter (through The Verge ), which is essentially the bridge to linking every smart home gadget to whatever platform you’re using, and the enormous emphasis placed on it represent another significant step for Amazon Alexa.

Matter Project CHIP

Consider Matter to be a kind of smart home middleman that links your smart home appliances to your virtual assistant, whether it be Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, or Apple Homekit. The standard that many important virtual assistants can comprehend is matter. Alexa will be able to connect to the majority of devices without encountering compatibility problems if it supports Matter. Users will consistently receive the same response, information, and use from their smart home appliances. Theoretically, Matter may allow you to seamlessly integrate Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa into the same household.

Additionally, Google has invested a lot of time and effort into Project CHIP’s rebranding, Matter, which was initially introduced in 2021. Although the standard is still very much in the planning stages, integration and products are beginning to show up as project life signals.

The goal of all of these upgrades and adjustments is to help consumers access more resources than just what Alexa is capable of doing. It remains to be seen how well these new developments will perform, but we are optimistic that they will pave the way for simpler communication and operation of smart homes.

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