Although Samsung is releasing the upgrade for its Galaxy smartphones less than a month after Google releases its own Pixel phones, Android 12 is still a fairly new version of the operating system. Over the upcoming months, more devices will be upgraded, and Samsung has revealed a tentative list of devices that will be updated.

As new devices are released, this article will be regularly updated with them.

Whats new in Android 12 on Samsung Galaxy devices? TABLE OF CONTENTS What has Android 12 brought to Samsung Galaxy devices? Visually, Android 12 is one of the platforms biggest updates ever , however the majority of those design updates are available only on Google Pixel phones. With One UI 4.0, Samsung has made several adjustments to the device, though.

Android 12 for Samsung devices mandates rounded corners for all widgets, similar to Pixels, and adopts a new design language for certain of those widgets. Additionally upgraded with a new design language are some of Samsung’s stock apps, and Android 12’s Dynamic Color feature performs well. The function may apply colors to system accents, numerous apps, and your background.

With new indications that clearly identify whether the microphone or camera are being used, even if it’s in the background, Android 12 also includes a number of privacy improvements. Users have the option of giving apps simply a rough location rather than a specific one, and the Settings privacy dashboard makes it simple to see which apps are using critical permissions.

SAMSUNG DEVICES WILL GET ANDROID 12 IS CONFIRMED Which gadgets will run Android 12? In general, every Samsung Galaxy smartphone and tablet that has been released in the last two years, as well as flagships that stretch back even further, will ultimately receive an update. The list is very large. Samsung has so far confirmed the following devices will receive Android 12 updates.

Newly added devices are identified in bold on Samsung’s official list.

GALAXY S: The list begins with Samsung’s Galaxy S21 series, whose owners in the US, on carriers, and in other parts of the world have already received its upgrade. In the first few months of 2022, Samsung will further update the entire Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S10 ranges to Android 12.

Samsung released the Android 12 beta for the Galaxy S20 in November 2021, with the smartphones getting the upgrade in January and February of 2022. The beta program was extended to Galaxy S10 devices in December.

After a minor blip in its deployment, Samsung continued the broad distribution of Android 12 to the Galaxy S21 series around Christmas and then let loose the floodgates to the whole Galaxy S20 series and the older Galaxy S10 lineup a few days later. Early 2022 was the anticipated release date for Android 12 for those devices, however US models, including carrier variations, didn’t receive the update until January and February. The Galaxy S10 5G arrived a few days later in select regions of Europe, and the Galaxy S10 Lite received its update in early January, more than a month earlier than expected. The Android 12 update for the Galaxy S10 5G was made available in the US and Korea around January 17 . The Galaxy S20 FEs update and a steadily wider deployment to carrier variations of the remainder of the S20 series arrived in the US in early January . The Android 12 update for the Galaxy S10 series was released in the US around January 19 and in Canada roughly a week later on January 28.

Galaxy S21 is generally accessible. Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21 Ultra are both generally accessible, while Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S20 are both widely accessible. Widely accessible Galaxy S20 Ultra Galaxy S20 FE Accessible Galaxy S10 available anywhere Galaxy S10e is generally accessible, along with Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 5G. The Galaxy S10 Lite is readily available.

GALAXY NOTE: Only five of Samsung’s Galaxy Note models, which undoubtedly seem to be discontinued permanently, will receive an Android 12 update. Both the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 10 series are covered by this. Samsung extended support for the Galaxy Note 10 series in December 2021, while the Galaxy Note 20 series has been in beta testing for some time.

Owners of the Galaxy Note 20 began receiving the stable version of Android 12 from Samsung in select territories in late December. Other regions eventually received the update as well. The update for both devices was generally available as of January, including on major US carriers. Additionally, the Galaxy Note 10 series received its upgrade in December, more than a month earlier than anticipated. Starting with the unlocked Galaxy Note 10, it took around a month for the upgrade to reach land in the US. Following quickly behind was the Galaxy Note 10, which also received the expanding upgrade for Canada.

Galaxy Note 20 is widely available. Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is readily available. Galaxy Note 10 is widely available. Galaxy Note 10 is widely available. 5G Galaxy Note 10 readily accessible

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra One UI 3.0 beta

Galaxy Foldables: The portfolio as a whole is eligible for the update to Android 12 and One UI 4.0, and Samsung’s foldable lineup is expanding. As of November, Samsung had an active beta program for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Flip 3, and the upgrade was slated to release before the year was through. Additionally, Samsung has made beta updates available for the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Z Flip series.

Samsung began releasing stable Android 12 upgrades for the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3 in December 2021, with availability expanding over time. Samsung began rolling out Android 12 to the Galaxy Z Flip, Flip 5G, and Galaxy Z Fold 2 later in the month. Those rollouts initially seem to be restricted to regions of Europe. Just before the new year, the original Galaxy Fold joined the fray, and the China-only Galaxy W22 received its Android 12 upgrade Whats new in Android 12 on Samsung Galaxy devices? 0. While the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Flip 5G received their Android 12 updates in the US in late January, the original Galaxy Folds 5G edition began receiving its update Whats new in Android 12 on Samsung Galaxy devices? 1 on January 11. The Galaxy Z Fold 2s update Whats new in Android 12 on Samsung Galaxy devices? 2 will be available in the US starting on T-Mobile and Sprint in mid-February. The next day, it grew to Whats new in Android 12 on Samsung Galaxy devices? 3.

SAMSUNG Z FOLD 3 readily accessible Galaxy Z Fold 2 is readily accessible Galaxy Fold is widely accessible 5G Galaxy Fold readily accessible Samsung W22 readily accessible in China Galaxy Z Flip 3 is generally accessible. 5G Galaxy Z Flip readily accessible Galaxy Z Flip is generally accessible.

GALAXY A: Samsung is introducing Android 12 to a broad range of its well-liked Galaxy A series as the company expands its work on updates. As of November 16, the majority of the 15 Galaxy A smartphones that would receive the update have been confirmed by Samsung.

The Galaxy A72 and Galaxy A52 were the first two Galaxy A devices to receive Android 12, and both were updated in Russia during the first week of January. The Galaxy A52s received its update Whats new in Android 12 on Samsung Galaxy devices? 4 around January 11. The Galaxy A42 5G Whats new in Android 12 on Samsung Galaxy devices? 5 upgrade started rolling out on January 14 in Poland, and we’ve heard that it’s also affecting handsets on Verizon Wireless in the US.

The Android 12 upgrade for the Galaxy A52 5G began to trickle out around January 17, with Samsung commencing the update in Whats new in Android 12 on Samsung Galaxy devices? 6.

Samsung had significantly increased the availability of the Android 12 upgrade for Galaxy A devices by April, including the Galaxy A82 and Galaxy A32. The Galaxy A51 and A71 are two examples of older devices that have continued to receive upgrades recently. Throughout May, Samsung updated the Galaxy A32 4G, rolled out the Android 12 update to additional regional Galaxy S51 models, and added support for a number of other devices.

Samsung has finally worked around Whats new in Android 12 on Samsung Galaxy devices? 7 to Android 12 as of August 2022, soon after Android 13 became official for Pixel devices. Additionally, the Whats new in Android 12 on Samsung Galaxy devices? 8 has recently been added to the update.

available currently is the Galaxy A13 Available on most carriers in Whats new in Android 12 on Samsung Galaxy devices? 9 Infinite A03 roll out currently A82 Galaxy 5G releasing the Galaxy A72 platforms biggest updates ever 0 roll out currently A52 Galaxy roll out currently A52 Galaxy 5G releasing the 5G Galaxy A52s roll out currently A42 Galaxy 5G taking off available internationally as well as on Verizon and Comcast in the US A32 Galaxy 5G launching platforms biggest updates ever 1 in the US and platforms biggest updates ever 2 Galaxy A32 4G presently launching in platforms biggest updates ever 3 A22 Galaxy deploying the 5G platforms biggest updates ever 4 Galaxy A71 US Cellular is launching platforms biggest updates ever 5 platforms biggest updates ever 6 across the country. A51 Galaxy 5G releasing platforms biggest updates ever 7 A51 Galaxy releasing platforms biggest updates ever 7 Infinite A41 releasing platforms biggest updates ever 8 A31 Galaxy releasing platforms biggest updates ever 9 A21 Galaxy A12 Galaxy roll out currently Samsung A02s A01 Galaxy A11 Galaxy GLOBAL TAB: In the Android universe, tablets are not a big thing, and finding one with good support is rather difficult. However, Samsung continues to support the majority of its Android tablets, and over the coming several months, Android 12 will be available on 8 tablets.

Samsung began handing out Android 12 to the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7 in some places in late December 2021, far earlier than anticipated. On a few models, the update began to spread to the United States in January. The Galaxy Tab S6 series carrier 0 started receiving its update in March. The update did not reach the Tab S6 in the US until carrier 1, though. In June, the Tab A7 10.4 was updated.

Samsung will release the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite in August 2022.

Samsung Tab S7 roll out currently available both domestically and abroad Samsung Tab S7 roll out currently available both domestically and abroad FE 5G Galaxy Tab S7 carrier 3 Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is being released. roll out currently Samsung Tab S6 roll out currently available both domestically and abroad Samsung Tab Active 3 implementing carrier 4 10.4 Galaxy Tab A7 (2020) LTE is now being deployed in carrier 5. A7 Lite Galaxy Tab roll out currently OTHER SMARTPHONES FROM SAMSUNG WITH ANDROID 12: Infinite M62 introducing carrier 6 Galaxy M22 introducing carrier 7 Galaxy M31 introducing carrier 8 Galaxy M21 carrier 9 Galaxy M11 is being released. distributing around January 17 0 Galaxy M31s around January 17 1 Galaxy M51 is being released. releasing the Galaxy F41 around January 17 2 around January 17 3 Galaxy F22 is now available. Galaxy F12 AA44 deploying around January 17 5 WHEN WILL ANDROID 12 COME TO MY SAMSUNG DEVICE? Samsung quickly provided an official roadmap for when to anticipate Android 12 updates on several other Galaxy smartphones after beginning the deployment to the Galaxy S21.

The following devices are the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3, with a launch date set for December of this year by Samsung. Notably, since the program’s introduction, we’ve seen a number of beta upgrades for these devices, indicating that Samsung is moving close to that launch.

According to the timeline, which was made public via the Samsung Members app, the majority of Samsung’s smartphones will receive the Android 12 upgrade in January and February of 2019, along with updates for previous-generation flagships including the Galaxy S20 series and Galaxy S10 series. The regular Galaxy S20 won’t receive an update until February, according to Samsung, although the remainder of the series will receive updates in January.

On this schedule, it should be noted that Samsung currently intends to push out Android 12 over the course of the next eight months, with some Galaxy A series smartphones receiving the upgrade in August of next year. Of all, there’s always a potential that progress could be made more quickly.

Remember that these times could change depending on your carrier, region, and other variables. This list is also based on Samsung’s official US release timetable, however Android 12 will also be released for other devices.

DECEMBER 2021 SAMSUNG’S OFFICIAL ANDROID 12 SCHEDULE In January 2022, Samsung will release the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Ultra, Galaxy Z Fold 3, and Galaxy Z Flip 3. Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold 2 5G Galaxy Z Flip Samsung S20, S20 Ultra, and S20 FE Galaxy Note 10/10 5G Galaxy Note 20/Ultra FEBRUARY 2022 Galaxy Fold A52 Galaxy 5G S20 Galaxy 5G Galaxy S10 Samsung Galaxy S10e S10 Galaxy Samsung S10 Lite Samsung Tab S7 Samsung Tab S7 Samsung Tab S7 5G MARCH 2022 Tab S7 Galaxy FE APRIL 2022 A51 Galaxy 5G A51 Galaxy A71 Galaxy 5G FE 5G Galaxy Tab S7 MAY 2022 Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Samsung Tab S6 Samsung Tab Active 3 Samsung Tab A7 (2020) Samsung Galaxy A32 and Galaxy A42 5G JUNE 2022 A7 Lite Galaxy Tab XCover Pro Galaxy July 2022 AUGUST 2022 Galaxy A21 Galaxy A12 Samsung Galaxy A01 Galaxy A11 Galaxy A02s FTC: We employ income-generating auto affiliate connections. MORE ON SAMSUNG. around January 17 6

around January 17 7


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