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Radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and prostatectomy are the traditional treatments for prostate cancer. Prostatectomy is a surgical procedure to remove the prostate gland. But in recent years, new approaches have been created that can be employed in situations where the conventional approaches to treating cancer are ineffective or have replaced the traditional ones. Let’s talk about the primary alternative prostate cancer treatment choices utilized abroad. FOCUSED HIGH-INTENSE ULTRASOUND High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) has been increasingly popular in hospitals as an alternative to radiotherapy and surgery in recent years. This procedure is non-invasive, as opposed to surgery. It does not use radiation to harm healthy tissues like radiation therapy does, thus there is no risk of consequences following radiation treatment (including problems with urinary control and erection).

The goal of the technique is to use ultrasound to eradicate a tumor. It is stronger than the one that is used to diagnose the illness. Cancer cells are heated and killed by ultrasonic vibrations.

The surgery is carried out while sedated. However, since this is not a surgical procedure, the recovery period is short. In foreign medical facilities, doctors do HIFU using either the American Sonablate 500 V5 TCM or the French Ablatherm device. To lower the danger of complications, the treatment is performed under the supervision of an MRI and rectal temperature measures.

Surgery and radiation therapy are equally as successful as HIFU. Only extremely aggressive tumors should be treated with the procedure because it is undesirable, however such cancers rarely afflict the prostate.

CANER VACCINATION Hormone therapy is frequently used to treat end-stage prostate cancer. Chemotherapy is an alternative option if this course of treatment is ineffective. Sometimes it is possible to combine the two approaches.

But what if chemotherapy and hormone therapy are no longer able to stop the spread of the illness? Doctors typically switch to symptomatic treatment in such circumstances. There is an alternative, though, if you decide to receive your therapy elsewhere. A dendritic cell-based vaccination used in immunotherapy aids in prolonging the patient’s life.

Leukocytes are separated from the patient’s blood during the preliminary stage. Three to four days after a blood sample is taken, they are grown with a recombinant protein and then given intravenously. There should be a total of three vaccine doses. They are given at intervals of two weeks.

Although there may be brief flu-like symptoms, the medication is well tolerated. Chemotherapy can be coupled with this therapeutic approach, which is safer than it.
The terms radionuclide and radiotargeted therapy The finest prostate cancer treatment centers use radiological techniques if chemotherapy and hormone therapy have failed.

Xofigo is used to treat prostate cancer that has spread to the bones. This is radioactive radium, which binds to the mineral hydroxyapatite found in bone tissue and builds up in bones. Since the radiation only travels a short distance, it effectively does not harm the bone marrow while irradiating metastases.

Lutetium-177 is used in the treatment of visceral (organ-based) metastases of prostate cancer. A radiopharmaceutical made up of a ligand and a radionuclide is injected into a patient’s vein by a doctor. As they bind to PSMA, ligands transfer radioactive chemicals to cancer cells (prostate specific membrane antigen). In contrast to healthy tissues, where PSMA is essentially nonexistent, cancer cells have significant amounts of this molecule. The medication is given once every eight weeks. It lessens all malignant foci in the body, and occasionally a complete response is also possible, meaning all tumors vanish.

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