Adding profile avatars, a right-click menu, and more to the Gmail compose window

Along with the significant Material You makeover, Gmail on the web is also rolling out a sizable Compose window update that seeks to improve the speed and security of your sending.

The rollout of These updates to the Gmail Compose window was originally planned for the end of last year, but it was postponed to enhance performance. By the end of September, complete availability is anticipated. They are already being rolled out. On Workspace accounts with the Material You overhaul (which has a light/themed New message bar) and the old look, we have already noticed them (dark gray).

The To, Cc, and Bcc sections now display a recipient’s profile avatar rather than just their name as the first modification (and non-Gmail domain). As you wait, right-clicking any user chip will provide a menu with the following options:

Name and email copied Simply copy the address. Cut Name change: Give this message’s recipients a different name. alter your email address More details

Gmail compose window

Gmail compose window

Additionally, Gmail is becoming more adept at detecting when you attempt to add a recipient who is already listed in the email.

Additionally, you’ll notice a grey tone while hovering over or scrolling through contacts in the dropdown menu to better show where your mouse or keyboard is. Additionally, when moving items between the To, Cc, and Bcc fields, Gmail will automatically eliminate duplicate entries from the same fields.

Google now emphasizes recipients who are not affiliated with your domain or business more prominently:

Your previous interactions with external connections will be highlighted in a strong yellow tone. Additionally, new connections from outside your business will be highlighted, along with an avatar from outside the company and a caution flag.

Similar to this, emails from users with various domain names within the same organization, such as users from, won’t be flagged as external if they are included to emails from users. Gmail will now check that email addresses are typed in the proper email format (for example,, and if they are incorrect, it will stop any strings from becoming recipient chips. This should reduce errors overall.

In the past, users had to double-click to fix a mistake. Furthermore, you will get an error message urging you to correct the mistake before sending if you continue to use an incorrectly formatted email address in the address fields. The legitimacy of the email address itself is not checked; just the formatting of the email address is validated.

Finally, Google warns that changes to the fundamental structure of the addressing fields in Gmail Compose may have an impact on Chrome extensions.

Administrators who manage Chrome extensions should thus check their integrations against the revised UI. These extensions depend on the current Gmail UI for recipient search, selection, or authoring.

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