According to reports, YouTube TV is developing a picture-in-picture mode.

Protocol reported that YouTube TV is developing a new function dubbed Mosaic Mode that would let customers watch many channels simultaneously. The function, which essentially allows for picture-in-picture viewing, would let customers view up to four channels in a grid. What YouTube TV refers to as Mosaic Mode. When the feature is released, that name may or may not be used.

Customers of YouTube TV have made several requests for this feature. The NFL season and college football season are about to begin, so this would be a fantastic opportunity to introduce it, especially to sports fanatics.

The only live TV streaming provider that provides this option, which they refer to as Multi-View, at the moment is FuboTV. Since then, FuboTV has grown to include FanView, which provides data and results while you watch in picture-in-picture mode. In order for you to genuinely remain current with everything going on.

Advertisement It’s the absolute bare minimum YouTube TV could offer sports fans. Sports enthusiasts are currently not too pleased with YouTube TV. That’s because they were intended to be the cord-cutting sports destination. the majority of its regional sports networks were thereafter gone. They no longer have any control over this since Sinclair purchased the Fox Sports RSNs from Disney, essentially removing them from YouTube TV and Hulu (and shortly, DIRECTV STREAM), so they could launch Bally Sports Plus, their own streaming service.

Sports fans are now limited to watching national competitions. With largely just ESPN and FS1/FS2 available. Unless you happen to reside in a market with an RSN from a different manufacturer. The least YouTube TV could do for its subscribers would be to implement this picture-in-picture capability. This mode will probably be included with either the 4K Plus or Sports add-on. The sports add-on is more likely, as it is primarily focused toward sports.


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