According to Google, improvements to Android Auto have resolved blank screen issues with the Galaxy S22.

Unfortunately, problems with Android Auto are not uncommon, and for more than a year, the platform has been battling an issue with the Galaxy S22. Google now claims that it must be repaired.

Owners of the Galaxy S22 have been voicing concerns about Android Auto issues since February of this year. The most frequent problem was a screen that was nearly entirely empty, with only Android Auto’s bottom bar controls visible.

On Google’s forums, the problem has attracted hundreds of comments over the last six months.

Google first claimed that some of these issues had been resolved with the release of Android Auto 7.7 back in May, but the company is now asserting that all issues have been resolved. A member of the Android Auto team named earlier this week confirms said that Google has added a fix that is available in Android Auto versions 7.7 and later, suggesting that more recent iterations of the software go farther in resolving this issue.

The update appears to have succeeded for some people, since Android Auto versions 7.7 and 7.8 have brought back compatibility between the Galaxy S22 and a number of vehicles and head units. But it doesn’t appear to have been a permanent solution. Some customers are still reporting issues, and some even assert that while previously working, later upgrades have broken Android Auto functionality on their smartphone.

There is still still work to be done on this issue, but Google hasn’t completely cut off the thread. There is still a chance that the main problem will be solved shortly. Google has also begun looking at an issue , which occasionally results in a blank screen on WiFi Android Auto.

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