According to a report, Google TV will eventually include smart homes, Fitbit and Wear OS, and Nest Audio.

Only a few significant features have been added to Google TV during its roughly two years on the market. Today, a new rumor discloses Google’s plans to bring Nest Audio compatibility and connection with Fitbit and Wear OS to the platform, just days after we reported on free live TV channels coming to Google TV.

According to Protocol , Google intends to strengthen Android TV and Google TV over the course of the next couple of years by providing stronger support for its other goods and services. The information was revealed during a partner-only event held behind closed doors last month, during which Google purportedly discussed its Better Together initiatives with Android devices, including TVs.

Support for audio streaming to Nest Audio speakers from Google TV devices looks to be first on the list.

Due to some unused Google advertising, support for using the Nest Audio as a wireless speaker for the Chromecast with Google TV was initially anticipated for 2020. Later, the business acknowledged that this feature was anticipated, but two years later it hasn’t appeared. Today’s report states that Google does intend to introduce this feature at last in the upcoming months. It appears that support will also be available for speakers made by independent brands.

Additionally, Google is currently developing Fast Pair, which it first unveiled earlier this year. This rumor claims that the feature is anticipated for later this year or early next year.

Google first announced Fast Pair for Android TV in early 2022

However, in the future, Google seems to want to connect wearables to Android TV and Google TV, and there will likely be some interaction between the big-screen platform and both Fitbit and Wear OS. It appears that this will take the shape of interactive video workouts where fitness information, like calories burnt, heart rate, and other statistics, can be displayed on the TV. Similar services are offered by Apple, Samsung, and Google, however Google is a few years behind when it comes to fitness tracking via smartwatches.

Integration of Fitbit and Wear OS with Google TV is reportedly scheduled to happen no later than 2023. This fall marks the anticipated release of the Pixel Watch with Fitbit connectivity.

Google hopes to improve TV support for its smart home initiatives by 2024. This reportedly applies to accessing smart home controls and security cameras without interfering with “the” movie-viewing experience. An unused piece of marketing that was released prior to the release of the new Chromecast in 2020 gave us our first indication of what Google intended with this.

This image was leaked prior to Google TVs formal launch

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