A Tuners Black Series Mercedes-AMG GT R with 880 horsepower

A Tuners Black Series Mercedes-AMG GT R with 880 horsepower The extremely responsible AMG GT R, a track-focused weapon built to eat 911s and anything else that gets in its way, is currently in charge of Mercedes-AMG performance vehicles.

You may always wait patiently for the impending top-dog Black series or contact Posaidon, a tuner who is willing to transform your AMG GT R into an 880 horsepower monster, if the AMG GT R ever seems a little too mild.

The M178 twin-turbo V8 engine that powers the Mercedes AMG GT R has been modified to produce 577 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque. To the average person, these figures might look good, but the tuners at Posaidon lose their minds when it comes to horsepower.

Mercedes-AMG GT R With 880 HP: A Tuners Black Series

The AMG GT R now has 880 horsepower thanks to Posaidon’s tune kit, which also adds over 300 horsepower. Posaidon’s brand-new arrangement of ball bearing turbochargers, forged pistons, and a new fuel system enable it to achieve these odd numbers. A new exhaust system with numerous larger turbo downpipes is also present.

Although the engine is capable of producing a lot of torque, the figures were limited to 737 lb-ft in order to keep the dual-clutch transmission safe. In order to create this enhanced power, this package underwent further tuning time filtering. Posaidon’s customized AMG GT Rs now has a top speed of 223 mph thanks to the extra 330 horsepower.

The Posaidon AMG GT R is the closest thing Mercedes has yet to reveal to the AMG GT Black series, and it has almost 900 horsepower available. Along with the existing AMG GT, which is nearing the end of its useful life, we anticipate seeing more tuners make use of the incredibly powerful M178 V8.

Posaidon is also very eager to introduce lower-trim level AMG GTs since they have figured out how to release the M178 V8’s full potential. AMG GT Rs tuned by Posaidon are by far the fastest AMG GTs available until the release of the AMG GT Black Series.


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