A smart addition to any house is the Hunter’s Cavera ceiling fan thanks to Google Home Essentials: Assistant.

A few smart home technologies have grown commonplace in recent years. Robotic vacuums, intelligent light bulbs, etc. Others have also become significantly more cost-effective as those products have grown in popularity. I’ve been using a ceiling fan called the Hunter Cavera II for the past few months. It’s a smart home gadget that works with Google Assistant and costs a fraction of what I had anticipated.

WHAT EXISTS IN GOOGLE ASSISTANT FOR A CEILING FAN? The most frequent query I receive from people who are aware that I have a Google Assistant-compatible ceiling fan is, “Why, though?” It’s a good question, but the response is really rather straightforward: usability.

Most ceiling fans have a pull-chain or, if you’re lucky, a remote control that you may use to change the speed. That sounds easy enough, but I suppose we’ve all been in the position where we have to cycle through all of the alternatives because we are unsure of the setting the fan is currently on.

Making that procedure easier is using a ceiling fan like the Hunter Cavera II with Google Assistant (no pun intended).

Just say Hey Google and the office fan will answer by changing the speed a few seconds later. Anecdotally, the ability to change the fan speed in my office and living room without getting up and pulling the chain has made it possible for me to go touch the thermostat less, thus saving some money.

A connected ceiling fan also makes it possible to change from summer to winter modes, which involves turning the blades around. You can easily perform this in the SimpleConnect app rather than pulling out a ladder. Unfortunately, Google Assistant does not yet support this.

PARTNERING PROCESS You must first couple the fan with the Hunter SimpleConnect app in order to connect it to Assistant. The fan’s instruction booklet, which is found in the package, as well as the remote control are both equipped with QR codes that facilitate pairing. After scanning, you’ll need to enter wireless information, name the fan, and specify the room.

You can then import your devices by simply logging into the Hunter account you made using the Google Home app. The light and fan are input as independent devices, so identify them appropriately.

The app is poor, if there is one complaint I have about Hunter’s Google Assistant-enabled ceiling fan. Although it functions, the Cavera II fan setup tool from SimpleConnect has an antiquated interface and isn’t particularly stable. Fortunately, you don’t need to utilize it after the first setup is complete. To now, I’ve only used the app for pairing; Assistant handles all other controls.

The included remote with Hunter Cavera II

HOW EFFECTIVE IS THIS AS A CEILING FAN? I could wax lyrical about how much I adore having a ceiling fan linked to Google Assistant all day, but if the hardware supporting it is subpar, it won’t matter what I say. I’m happy to inform that Cavera II is an impressive fan in that regard.

Cavera II feels like a typical ceiling fan at its low and medium speeds, but turning it up to high and extremely high speeds can practically blow you away. On its maximum settings, I’ve witnessed little objects like pet toys move somewhat as well as papers and napkins flying off the table. This fan’s top settings will keep you cool even on the hottest summer days, pushing 5,778 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air. The fan is usually set to medium or lower, which is perfect for our house.

The fan features two conventional light outlets, which is noteworthy. I used a pair of Philips Hue bulbs so I could manage color temperature and dimming, but you can use regular lights here and keep full smart home control if you just want on/off controls through Assistant.

hunter cavera ceiling fan google assistant

DOES IT VALUE IT? I’ll be the first to agree that practically any complaint about a ceiling fan is insignificant overall, but technology has the potential to improve our lives on occasion. Our homes are now much more conveniently lit thanks to smart lighting, and other smart products can even save us time or increase the security of our homes.

Nobody really needs a connected ceiling fan in their house, but the Hunter Cavera II can finish a Google Assistant-powered smart home and only make your life a little simpler for about $175 (depending on when you buy). I believe you owe it to yourself to at least give this ceiling fan some thought if you already know your home needs a new fan. It’s a purchase I won’t ever regret making.

Hunter Cavera II from Home Depot is available for $179. It costs $199 and is offered in nickel, white, and black.

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