A sleep timer is being developed for YouTube Music for Android {APK Insight}.

For YouTube Music, a sleep timer that pauses the music after a certain interval is under development. This is a long-requested feature, especially considering that Google Play Music once had one.

Regarding APK Insight: We’ve decompiled the most recent version of an app that Google put on the Play Store in our APK Insight post. When we decompile these files—known as APKs for Android apps—we can find numerous lines of code that allude to potential future features. Remember that Google might or might not ever deploy these features, and our understanding of what they are might be limited. However, we’ll strive to give those that are closer to completion a chance to demonstrate how they’ll seem if they do ship. Read on with that in mind.

The sleep timer will reportedly show up as a bottom sheet somewhere under playback controls, according to what we can infer from looking at the most recent version of YouTube Music, which also adds support for the new Android 13 media player.

res/layout/timer status bottom sheet.xml

The most likely access point is the three-dot overflow menu in the top-right corner, however it would be more practical if the sleep timer appeared with share, download, add to playlist, and radio when you tap on cover art.

YouTube Music sleep timer
YouTube Music sleep timer

Play Music, in contrast, made setting up its sleep timer a bit of a hassle by placing it in the main settings list. Overall, it shouldn’t differ too much from the method used to add it to Apple Music for Android earlier this year.

With the option to add five more minutes or stop the timer instantly, YouTube Music will display the amount of time left on an active timer. At the beginning of the procedure, higher increments should be possible to add.

five minutes; andlt;string name=add five minutes; andlt;/stringandgt;
Cancel timer with the string andlt;string name=timer cancelandgt;

A timer can help you fall asleep while listening to music and is particularly helpful for planning breaks. When the sleep timer for YouTube Music will go live is yet unknown.

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