A select group of qualified Google Pixel phones can now download the public-facing Android 13 Beta 1 upgrade after a series of developer-facing early peeks.

These developer previews mentioned earlier contain a sizable number of changes, therefore we strongly advise you to check them out before launching Beta 1. Numerous enhancements add to the vast Android 12 redesign from last year in terms of quality of life. If you were hoping for significant changes, you might be a little let down.

That said, after making so many significant changes and UI overhauls with the previous stable Android version, we definitely didn’t anticipate Google to rearrange the deck.

Video Android 13 Beta 1 hands-on: Top new features! Media player playback progress bar tweaks Screenshot-like clipboard notifications Control smart home devices while your phone is locked. Pixel Launcher search reverts to old Google app search. Increased Material You color options Minor UI tweaks and tuning Signs of Face Unlock Priority mode reverted to Do Not Disturb Video Android 13 Beta 1 hands-on: Top new features! 0 Video Android 13 Beta 1 hands-on: Top new features! 1 Video Android 13 Beta 1 hands-on: Top new features! 2 HANDS-ON WITH ANDROID 13 BETA 1: TOP NEW FEATURES! Video Android 13 Beta 1 hands-on: Top new features! 3


It nearly seems as though Google is unable to tweak the media player in the notification shade; otherwise, it wouldn’t be an Android beta build. There is now a special playback progress indicator on the media notification. You won’t see a straightforward line indicating the progress of audio playback; instead, you’ll see a squiggle as the playback head moves along a flat line.

When Material You was first unveiled, this modification was alluded to, but it wasn’t until Android 13 Beta 1 that squiggles appeared in any UI format. Seeing how much of a track, podcast, or other on-device audio you have previously listened to surely makes it easier.


In Android 13 Beta 1, the clipboard is being upgraded with a new screenshot-like UI that will appear in the lower-left corner of your screen when you copy text from the screen. Not only that, but when you press the edit icon, a new UI will appear and reveal the app or UI component the content was copied from. From this point, you can additionally modify and polish the copied content as necessary.


Toggleable under the Display section of the Settings app, the first Android 13 Beta eliminates the need to unlock your phone in order to operate any of your smart home devices. This includes performing actions like altering the thermostat or the brightness level of a lightbulb that is connected to Google Home. It ought to make using the Home control panel a little less annoying.


With Google Lens, a shortcut to a Google App, and a voice search button still present, the Pixel Launcher search bar has gone back to its previous state in Android 13 Beta 1. The search bar at the bottom of your Pixel home is identical to this one. Google’s search bar will allow you search for apps when you open the app drawer in the same way, but it will prioritize internet searches before apps and device settings.

We are nearly convinced that this is a glitch and that the on-device search bar should be there in its stead. In the event that there is a bug, it might be readily fixed in a subsequent version. Since the on-device search bar functions flawlessly on Android 12 and Android 13 Developer Previews, there doesn’t appear to be a compelling reason why this change would be made on purpose.

More options for material color

The big Material You redesign mainly relies on your device’s background image to theme a sizable amount of your Google Pixel. You can also choose not to utilize your wallpaper colors and design your phone around one of a few pre-selected themes in the Pixel series Wallpaper


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