A PS5 controller charging cradle is now available from HyperX.

Today, HyperX revealed that the ChargePlay Duo for PS5 charger would be available for the PS5 DualSense controller. giving you even another choice for maintaining the batteries in your controllers.

You may either plug the controller straight into the PS5 or use one of the several cradle items available to recharge your DualSense batteries.

There are aftermarket options from Razer and a few other third-party white label companies, in addition to the official one from Sony. Although the Razer one only charges one controller, it is good that it comes in a few different colors to match some of the controller color selections. It is also $40.

Advertisement It costs $10 less and can charge two controllers at once, but Sony’s official controller dock also feels a little flimsy and is simple to move while docking your DualSense. However, the HyperX charger for PS5 controllers appears to have a tiny advantage over the alternatives.

A WEIGHTED BASE IS CONTAINED IN THE HYPERX PS5 CONTROLLER CHARGER. The ChargePlay Duo for PS5’s weighted base serves a discreet functional purpose despite its seeming simplicity. Dock your controller safely for charging.

Having a weighted base sounds like it wouldn’t be as simple to push around when sliding the controller onto the dock, however we haven’t been able to test it out for ourselves. This is among our biggest issues with the official Sony model.

Advertisement A benefit is that the ChargePlay Duo for PS5 costs about the same as the Sony dock. The HyperX dock costs $29.99 against $29 for the Sony dock. With the weighted base, you can charge the same amount of controllers for not much more. which ought to aid in the dock remaining in place when you set a controller down.

The HyperX ChargePlay Duo for PS5 is also quite svelte in appearance. One that does appear a little more attractive than what Sony provides The HyperX dock appears to be out of stock for the HyperX website , if there is one drawback.

In spite of the fact that it is more expensive there because it comes from a reseller, you can still purchase it from on Amazon .



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