A new gaming mouse mat from Razer covers the entire desk.

Two new gaming mouse mats from Razer are being unveiled today, one of which is so big it can cover your entire desk. The enormous 1200mm x 550mm Razer Goliathus Chroma 3XL mouse mat is larger than life. You’ll thus need a desk that is quite large to accommodate this bad boy. Due to its soft surface, it is ideal for gamers who want to use the majority of their work area. You also have an incredible amount of mouse movement space available. if you require it or desire it.

In addition, Razer is introducing the new hybrid soft/hard surfaced Strider Chroma mouse mat. Compared to the Razer Goliathus Chroma 3XL, it is not nearly as big. But at 900mm x 370mm, it still occupies a sizable space.

Like the majority of Razer’s products, both mats have several lighting zones with Chroma integration, while Razer makes a point of highlighting the Strider Chroma’s 19 lighting zones. The Goliathus Chroma 3XL is likely to have fewer lighting zones than this one.

Advertisement WITH THE RAZER GOLIATHUS CHROMA 3XL, go big or go home. Large mouse mats aren’t for everyone, but for those that do, bigger is usually better. When it comes to the new Goliathus variant, Razer is going overboard.

1200mm x 550mm, or around 47 inches long and nearly 22 inches deep, is covered by a mat. Although the mat’s size is its greatest selling point, it also has additional characteristics. A micro-textured surface, a non-slip rubber base, and the previously mentioned Chroma lighting The mat is only available via Razers’ website and goes on sale today for $99.99.


Razer Strider Chroma 1
Razer Strider Chroma 2

Razer is trying something new with the Strider Chroma. It still has a sizable mat, but polyester has replaced the micro-textured surface. There are several functions for this hybrid soft/hard material combination. According to Razer, it offers the ideal blend of speed and control.

Advertisement To facilitate spill cleanup, Razer also designed the Strider Chroma water-resistant. It also has a stronger groove design on the underside that is more sticky, according to Razer, to assist it latch into your desk for less slipping. However, the Strider Chroma’s lack of high stitched edges is its best feature. A level mouse mat with smooth corners that won’t obstruct your mouse is provided.

Razer.com exclusive, the Strider Chroma also launches on April 1 at a slightly higher price of $129.99.
Razer Strider Chroma
Announcement Razer Goliathus Chroma 3XL


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