A much-needed redesign is made to Amazon Prime Video.

One of the popular streaming services that comes preloaded on streaming devices is Amazon Prime Video. Despite becoming a significant platform, the UI required a significant makeover. Fortunately, Amazon has reportedly given Prime Video a significant facelift across several TV devices, according to 9To5Google .

The streaming providers are in fierce competition with one another. It’s not like the past, when your only options were your old DVDs or Netflix. With so many services available, maintaining subscriber numbers requires a cutting-edge user interface (UI) design. This is why platforms strive for a recommendation-heavy, user-friendly design.

A NEW DESIGN FOR AMAZON PRIME VIDEO IS AVAILABLE ON TV PLATFORMS Amazon Prime Video has a somewhat dated design compared to the other streaming services available on the market. All the episodes and movies would be displayed in a straightforward grid. There are many tabs for things like your sign-in settings, movies, shows, your watchlist, etc. up top.

Advertisement It trailed behind competing services with more modern looks, but it appears that Amazon caught up and gave Prime Video a redesigned user interface.

The app’s UI will appear less crowded when you first launch it. The movies and television programs are displayed in rounded-corner rectangles. That fits in better with contemporary user interfaces.

On the homepage, highlighted information is shown as a big banner that occupies half of the interface. You’ll find more information below that that is tailored to your recommendations.

Advertisement As you scroll down, you’ll see buttons of various colors and sizes, adding variety to the interface. Your subscriptions will be displayed in a section with circles as their representation. Other significant shows will also take up more room in the crates.

The top bar of the screen shifted to the left. The search feature, store, live TV area, free content with advertisements, and your watchlist are all located on one new side panel.

The UI has been simplified, and everything is now easier to navigate, claims Amazon. In all honesty, it seems that way. It’s less crowded and simpler to see newly added or highlighted stuff.

Advertisement Google/Android TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, gaming consoles, and Android devices are currently receiving this updated UI. In the upcoming months, it will also be made available for iOS and browser versions.


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