A Google-Samsung advertisement features the Galaxy Watch 4 Assistant and Hum to Search {Update: More}

The partnership between Google and Samsung has greatly improved recently, with the latter frequently attending the former’s keynotes and running joint advertising campaigns. The most recent showcases numerous Google services that are supported by Samsung devices.

Update 7/14: The Google and Samsung #MakeItEpic campaign is still going strong, and today’s new advertisement displays the same features: Samsung phones, YouTube, Casting to a TV, Assistant on the Galaxy Watch 4, and Hum to Search in the Google app. They are obviously attempting to monetize on nostalgia.

Update 7/7: Today, Google published the 30-second advertisement on Instagram (via an Android account). The Backstreet Boys’ Everybody (Backstreets Back) is the song being hummed and cast.

Original 7/3: It begins with someone at a dinner party utilizing the Hum to Search feature of the Google applications to look up a tune that is stuck in their brain. When a Google Search result is found, it is sent to a Samsung television nearby. The film concludes with a Google Assistant identification of the Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy Watch 4 after several examples and the slogan “Make it epic.”

In addition to online, we’ve also seen this Google-Samsung advertisement play before a movie. Although many of the integrations are fairly clear, the Galaxy Watch 4’s promotion of Hum to Search and the relatively recent Google Assistant does help spread awareness.

A website called samsung.withgoogle.com is also part of this initiative.
both concentration and enjoyment. Get everything done using Google.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy Z Fold3 5G let you seamlessly connect your devices, share moments with friends and family, and find more of what you love.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is given top billing in addition to an S22 Ultra. The following three tentpoles are highlighted:

Laugh together by watching YouTube previews in Google Messages and Duo live sharing. Get lost in what really matters. Using just Google Photos Portrait Blur Amazing Together is better. On your phone, receive a text. Respond on your Galaxy Watch4 and go from phone to tablet without any interruptions. Along with the Fold 3, Google is advertising Google Lens and Work Profile on the S22 Ultra.

Google-Samsung ad
Google-Samsung ad
Google-Samsung ad
Google-Samsung ad

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