A Good 2D Platformer For Android Is Slime Labs 2.

We could have the perfect game for you if you’re searching for a quick game to pass the time for whatever reason. Slime Labs 2 is the name of the game that we will be discussing today. Although it is technically a sequel, you are in no way required to be familiar with the original.

A REALLY FUN 2D PLATFORMER IS SLIME LABS 2. Newcomers are most certainly welcome in this game. You will feel at home if you’ve ever played a 2D platformer. Although the controls are as easy as they can be, it will take some practice to become an expert.

Consider this to be a more straightforward version of the original Super Mario. What is the premise then? You are a pile of slime in this game, and your objective is to get out of a dangerous laboratory that is full of creatures and other hazards.

Advertisement Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? Okay, sure. Even though it’s absurd, it works for games like this. There are only four simple controls: right, left, crouch, and jump. Well, other from the ability to use your character’s sticky tongue to attack adversaries, that’s pretty much nothing. If you just time those correctly, you’ll excel.

EVEN THOUGH THE GRAPHICS DO NOT CUT EDGE, THIS DOES NOT REALLY MATTER Additionally, the graphics are fairly basic and appear old, although that is typical of 2D platformers. Even though the game is free to play, the commercials in it can be extremely intrusive. That is also not unusual in games of this type. Of course, if you’re ready to pay, you may remove those advertising.

They are highly addictive, so beware, as is the case with games like this. Even in the game, you may somewhat modify your pile of slime to keep things interesting.

Advertisement The game will probably keep you busy for a while because there is so much to explore. It’s the perfect game to pass the time while you’re bored for only brief intervals, waiting for the bus, or doing anything similar.

Below are the official trailer, screenshots, and Play Store link in case you want to give it a try.

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