A glance at the {Gallery} of the Gmail Material You redesign for the web

This Thursday, Google unveiled Material You for Gmail online, and it has since begun to roll out. The usage of Google Sans was one major addition that the firm failed to mention.

We personally only have access to the updated version through our Workspace accounts, although it is currently also already appearing on personal Google Accounts.

Google Sans font Google Sans Text was utilized in the Material You makeover screenshots shared at launch, but Google Sans is now available in Gmail. A size-optimized variation of Product Sans, which is primarily used for first-party product logos, was described as Google Sans in 2018.

GS Text is ideal for body text because it is made for smaller point sizes. It’s possible that Google isn’t yet ready to utilize that font widely.

Live versus on-screen

ONLY GMAIL VIEW The new Apps in Gmail preference allows you to choose whether you wish to see/use Chat (with Spaces) and/or Meet in an integrated view by opening Quick settings from the gear symbol in the top bar. Depending on your choice, those icons will vanish from the left sidebar, and unchecking both will completely eliminate that navigation element and load the Gmail-only setup.

CREATE A FAB WINDOW The Compose Floating Action Button’s new shape may also be seen in the two screenshots that are farthest to the right in the gallery above. It matches the Android app and takes the place of the pill-shaped button.

The actual compose window, meanwhile, has been very subtly altered with a thin top bar.
Earlier and later

Gmail Material You

Yahoo! Themes The backdrop theme can still be changed so that it isn’t Material You’s default blue theme, to finish. Go to Quick settings and select Theme. Similar to earlier, there are a number of solid color options, including Dark, Blue, Soft Gray, Lavender, Rose, Mustard, Wasabi, Spearmint, Seafoam, Dusk, Mahogany, and Eggplant. There are numerous images, and you may also post your own.

The UI will adjust as necessary, typically with the Compose FAB being white. Dynamic Color is absent, but it is only logical to think that it will be introduced shortly to provide online Gmail the full Material You experience.

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