A Galaxy Z Flip 4 diary is the ideal digital health tool.

It has been an amazing pleasure to use, or rather not to use, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 . You see, the Samsung Z Flip 4 has turned out to be the ideal digital wellness tool for me since it encourages me to put it down and use it less. While unusual, that is in no way a bad thing.

Users tend to either really like or avoid foldables at all costs, making them contentious in general. Although the idea of a clamshell doesn’t exactly appeal to everyone, we listed many advantages of Samsung’s Z Flip 4 in our review. The genuine benefit of owning a foldable is one topic of debate, however that is a separate issue. One more is the longevity of a folding phone because even Samsung admits that they can only withstand so many folds, 200,000 to be exact.

I find using the Z Flip 4 to be an incredible delight. The Flip 4 may perform all tasks just as effectively as a flagship phone if you get over the novelty factor that hangs over it and begin using it as a tool for daily tasks.

FLIP IN HEALTHY DOSES Digital wellness is one area in which Samsung’s Flip 4 shines. That cover screen actually does a lot more than just display the time. Depending on how you use the Flip, it might be able to partially replace the internal display.

The cover screen adds to the device’s overall utility even though it is not as big and functional as the Fold 4’s outside display.

The cover screen performs numerous tasks in terms of functionality. The main screen face, or whatever you want to call it, resembles a watch face more than anything else. It displays the date, time, and battery level. You will notice a tiny orange dot on the left if you have any notifications. You can read previews of all of your open notifications if you swipe in that way.

Galaxy Flip 4

There are various widgets that you can customize to suit your needs to the right of the clock. The calendar, audio playback controls, and even the weather may all be found on separate pages. Those widgets are undoubtedly simple and exclusive to Samsung, but they are nonetheless useful.

With common gadgets, there is only room for one screen. Everything is handled on that screen, including alerts from the lock screen. The problem I frequently run into is unlocking my phone after reading a notification and then spending time in another app. When I started using the Flip 4 on a regular basis, even though using my other gadgets that way had become second nature, I noticed that I was becoming more conscious of that behavior.

With the Samsung Z Flip 4, the cover screen shows all of your notifications as a filter, allowing you to decide whether something is important enough to open the device for a closer look. However, the physical act of opening the Flip draws attention to your digital wellness practices and eventually starts to act as a barrier.

To be clear, it is by no means a hassle for me to open the Z Flip 4 every time I need to utilize it. It becomes automatic and acquires a good reading faster than some other fingerprint sensors. Simply put, the motion of opening the item makes you slightly more aware of its purpose.

A DEVICE USED LESS OFTEN IS NOT A BAD THING I discover that I use the Z Flip 4 less frequently as a result of the digital wellness impact it has on daily use. Although it has limited functionality, the cover screen can provide you with a wealth of information about the status of your smartphone and what notifications are now active.

Actually, that is all that is required at any given time. Of course, unlocking the gadget is simple and pleasurable, but I discover that I gaze at the cover screen almost as much as I would the interior display.

samsung flip 4

The Flip 4’s overall design directs your attention to the notifications that are most important to you; anything else doesn’t really warrant opening the device. Simply swipe the notice away in those circumstances to end the situation.

Because it reduces the amount of time you spend idly browsing through your phone, the Flip 4 is great for digital wellbeing. I noticed that I was using the phone less frequently and more purposefully instead. That, in my opinion, is a feature of the Samsung Z Flip 4 that I hadn’t thought of during the early stages of use. In light of this, the foldable has a hidden advantage in digital wellness.

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