A First Update Is Arriving For The Pixel 6a

People are responding to the Google Pixel 6a as it begins to reach users. Despite being new, the phone is still running outdated software. XDA Developers claims that the Pixel 6a is now receiving its first update.

The most recent smartphone from Google is the Pixel 6a. It is the affordable variant of the well-known Pixel 6. It includes the identical Tensor chip as the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. Additionally, the phone works at 60Hz and features a screen that is somewhat smaller than the Pixel 6’s.

This phone appears to be among the greatest of the year, but if you don’t intend to purchase one, don’t worry. The Pixel 6a can be replaced by a number of devices.

Advertisement FIRST UPDATES ARE BEING APPLIED TO THE PIXEL 6A. You should be aware that the Pixel 6a runs an outdated version of Android, Android 12, if you use one of these devices. The April security patch is preinstalled on this phone. Given that August is almost here, that looks a little outdated. These phones, however, were most likely packaged and prepared for distribution in April.

The phone’s baptismal update, however, is already being sent by Google. Both positive and bad news are present. The good news is that both the carrier-locked and unlocked versions of the phone will receive this update.

The only downside to this update is that it is only for June. It’s a month late, which is hardly a catastrophe. The July report, though, has already been given.

Advertisement There is a possibility that you will receive an update on the first day if you pre-ordered the phone. You should check your settings to see if a new update is available. You might have to wait a little while if you already have the phone. The device that Android Headlines uses is on AT


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