A First for the Industry, “Perfect Black” Verification by LG Display OLED Panels

The first company to get its OLED panels certified as “Perfect Black” is LG Display.

The 42- to 97-inch OLED panel range offered by LG Display was examined by UL Solutions, a leading provider of safety science and product testing services. In order to simulate the brightness of a living room in the middle of the day, a 500 lux brightly illuminated setting was established for testing the black levels.

The panels achieved black levels of 0.15 nit (Opens in a new window) appeared in the results. Perfect Black tested at 0.24 nit, which means they performed 40% worse than necessary to pass verification.

According to LG Display, this was made possible because “LG Display’s OLED panels minimize light leakage and exterior light reflections by shutting off pixels to provide the ideal black and infinite contrast.” Self-emissive pixels that can be adjusted individually are also responsible for this.


“LG Display’s OLED has been shown to be the first panel to offer ideal black levels through UL Solutions’ objective and scientific assessment,” stated Jin Min-kyu, Head of Life Display Promotion Division. We can anticipate LG Display soon introducing the Perfect Black verification badge to all of their OLED TVs that are 42 inches or larger.

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