A firmware update for more EVO earphones that includes EQ profiles and ANC memory is now available.

A genuinely fantastic pair of earbuds is the 1More EVO. They push the limits of sound quality versus budget and provide a rich sound profile. Not the earphones themselves, but the app’s functionality and the absence of EQ presets was one of the earbuds’ biggest drawbacks. That will change thanks to a new firmware update for the 1More EVO headphones.

The 1More EVO earphones are an excellent pair of earbuds, as has already noted. They sound excellent for their size and affordability, plus they fit well and pleasantly rest in the ear. Only one annoying feature emerged throughout our extensive testing of the earbuds, and it wasn’t even a problem with the buds themselves.

Users can take a test and select which audio profiles sound better than the others using 1More’s SoundID feature. Within the same music loop, you cycle through a range of around nine different sound profiles. You must select between options A and B for each pair. The software will ultimately provide an EQ profile that fits you. The problem is that this system is far from ideal, and when I used the earphones, I found myself going back to the earbuds’ stock, unadjusted sound.

Through a firmware upgrade, 1More is now introducing an alternative system for the EVO earbuds. A new feature introduced by this firmware upgrade is an enhanced EQ setting system. Users have the option of creating their own sound profile or selecting from a set of 12 preset EQ profiles created by 1More. In contrast to SoundID, the new update lets you tune your lows, mids, and high ends by adjusting the simulated frequency response graph using sliders.

ANC memory is an additional function coming to the EVO earphones. EVO earphones used to reset themselves each time you pulled them out of their case before this update. The next time they came out, you would have a different setting if you had set ANC to strong and then put them back in the case. The new firmware update adds a feature that allows the earphones to remember your most recent ANC settings and use them for the current session.

The tentative release date was planned on July 10, according to 1More. The firmware for the EVO earphones version 1.0.2 is not yet available as at the time this article was being written.

Update 7/12: Users are now able to download firmware upgrade version 1.0.2.
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