A Chromecast costs $20, so get one before Google TV takes over.

Before Google replaces the third-generation Chromecast with the impending Chromecast HD powered by Google TV, you can purchase one for just $20 right now.

Google gained notoriety in the streaming industry since 2013 by providing the incredibly cost-effective Chromecast line of products. By providing the bare minimum of hardware required to broadcast the web-based Cast apps of several subscriptions and services, the Chromecast was able to keep its price around $40. The series didn’t even come with a remote up to the release of the Chromecast with Google TV in 2020, relying instead on your smartphone or tablet to manage your media.

Google has been rumored to be releasing a simplified, 1080p Chromecast with Google TV model with a remote control for months. According to previous rumors, it is currently assumed that the price of the Chromecast HD with Google TV will remain around $30 and that it will launch soon.

It’s not surprising to discover that shops are currently attempting to sell off their inventory of the third-generation Chromecast given the impending release of a new device. Currently, Amazon , Best Buy , and Target are all offering the Chromecast for $20, a whole 33% off the normal price. As we observed in a shop, Target’s promotion is only scheduled to last through September 17.

There is definitely a case to be made for waiting for the Chromecast HD with Google TV if you’re in the market for a new streamer because most people will be more comfortable installing applications and navigating with a remote than casting from a phone. On the other hand, managing a device’s storage space and updating software is a must for that app experience.

The traditional Chromecast dongles offer a significant benefit over Android TV and Google TV-based devices in that they update automatically, don’t require storage space management, and generally just operate. This is likely one of your final opportunities to purchase a traditional Chromecast at a low price before Google TV replaces it as the company’s standard living room experience.

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