A 5G Steam Deck and Switch Rivalry Is Unveiled With Razer Edge

Like its Logitech cousin, the Razer Edge 5G is an Android-based device, therefore it will support the complete Google Play Store’s selection of games. But in reality, it is a cloud-based device, and Xbox Cloud Gaming is what gives it its credentials. Additionally, the model will be able to stream games through Nvidia’s cloud gaming service, GeForce Now.

Customers who purchase a Razer Edge 5G will also be able to play the PC games in their library via Steam Link, while Xbox’s own remote-play will be available for console-specific games. According to the manufacturer, gamers on the system “may enjoy gameplay at 144Hz.” Additionally on the table is support for programs like Parsec and Moonlight.

Razer The gadget appears to be a gaming tablet at first appearance, but the manufacturer will also include the Razer Kishi V2 Pro mobile gaming controller in the selling package. The new Pro edition, an improved version of the Kishi V2, includes a 3.5mm connector in addition to the unique Razer HyperSense technology for more accurate haptic feedback. Microswitches are located underneath the face buttons to improve tactical responsiveness. When the portable gaming system hits the market the following year, Razer promises console quality controls but won’t disclose the price.


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